Marina: Dear Diary

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1  -  Oh No, Not Another Month

Marina is a very pretty young woman with big brown eyes that are almost black when the light is just right. Her long flowing dark brunette hair reaches down her back almost to her bra line. Her figure with large breasts mimics an hourglass supported on two long and very shapely legs.

One afternoon in early February, she had decided to go downtown to shop for some new shoes. She had already made her purchase and was hurrying across the street to catch a bus when the car hit her. She was thrown over the hood of the car and twenty feet behind it before she quit tumbling on the pavement. Luckily she was wearing her leather coat with the hood pulled up which protected her upper body, arms and head from being severely injured, but her legs and hips weren’t so lucky. Marina was immediately knocked unconscious from the impact. After several minutes the paramedics and an ambulance arrived. They gently lifted her to a backboard and transported her to the emergency room of the closest trauma hospital.

The emergency medical team preformed a CAT SCAN and determined that her pelvis was broken and she had a cracked vertebra in her lower back. They also identified a severely fractured lower right leg. After consultation with the orthopedic staff the decision was made to place her in a fiberglass body cast from her armpits to her toes on both legs. They casted her left leg also in order to stabilize her hip fractures. They molded a brace into the cast between her legs so she could be moved without jeopardizing the stability of the cast at her hips.

Once all of her fractures had been stabilized and the cast applied, Lory was placed on a bed in the intensive care ward where she stayed for four days. After that time she was moved to a regular hospital room to continue her recovery.

Sunday, February 12, Dear Diary:
I’m not sure what happened. All I remember is that I had just bought some new shoes and was hurrying across the street to catch the bus when a car came out of nowhere and hit me. The next thing that I remember is waking up in the hospital. I can’t move anything but my arms and I hurt all over. Dear Diary, oh how I wish the pain would go away.

Monday, February 13, Dear Diary:
Since yesterday I have come to realize that the reason I can’t move is that I am in a cast from my armpits to my toes. With a pillow under my head I can barely see my toes sticking out of the cast. It looks like my legs are spread wide apart and that there is some kind of a bar or board between my legs holding them apart. Dear Diary, good by for now.

Tuesday, February 14, Dear Diary:
I am sorry that I didn’t write more yesterday but I was so tired that I couldn’t. Today isn’t much better. The Doctor came by this morning and told me that I had broken my right leg in several places and that I had also broken my pelvis and hurt my back. That is why I am in this big cast from my toes to my arms. I can already tell that I don’t like it.
When I asked him how long I would be in this cast he just patted my hand and said, “We’ll see.”
I asked when I could get out of the hospital and he smiled, “Soon,” is all that he said.
Dear Diary, I am tired, so I think I will close for now.

Wednesday, February 15, Dear Diary:
This is the first day that I have felt good enough to want to do more than just sleep. They gave me a TV remote and I have been trying to entertain myself by watching TV and wiggling my toes on my left foot. My right leg is still too sore for me to want to wiggle those toes.

When I asked if my boyfriend Jack, had come by to see me, the nurse said that a young man had stopped by almost every afternoon to ask about me but she wouldn’t let him in because she thought I was asleep. I got so mad at her that I would have chased her down, but I can’t move so I just yelled at her. Oh, how I wish that I could see him.
Dear Diary, I don’t have any good news so I will close for now.

“High beautiful,” came a voice out of nowhere as Marina tried to turn and look, but her casted body held her tightly and wasn’t about to let her move so she could look over her feet and see the face she knew was in front of her.

“Oh Jack, I thought you would never come to see me.”

“Dear young lady, I have tried almost every day but that old bitch standing guard at the front desk wouldn’t let me.”
Marina giggled for the first time since the accident. She held out her hands and motioned with her fingers for Jack to come closer.

“Oh, I know, she told me yesterday. I yelled at her and told her to let you come in the next time.”

“So, that is why she gave me that nasty look when I walked up to her,” Jack chuckled. He walked over and bent down while Marina reached up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling his face to hers. She kissed his lips before letting him straighten back up.

Jack looked at her lying spread-eagled on the bed covered in fiberglass from her armpits to her toes. “They told me that you were in a cast, but gosh, I didn’t have any idea that they meant this,” he said while running his hand over the breast portion of the cast.

“Yep, I guess there isn’t much of me that they didn’t cover in the cast,” she said while trying to be up beat.

“So, how long will you have to be in the hospital?”

Tears began to fill Marina’s eyes, “I don’t know, they won’t tell me. All the Doctor will say is ‘soon,’ what ever that means.”
A few minutes later the nurse stepped in. “Alright Sonny, it is time for you to leave. I let you in here against my better judgement, now get out of here now.”

Jack looked at her then to Marina. He walked over, bent down and kissed her. “Well, I guess I had better leave before the old Drill Sergeant calls the cops on me.”

Thursday, February 16, Dear Diary:
Jack came by. I was so excited to see him that I could feel my body beginning to purr with excitement. I wanted to grab him, throw him down on the bed and have sex with him, but, thanks to this cast and the old Drill Sergeant standing guard, there was no way I could. Oh how I wanted him, but he did promise to come back again tomorrow. In the meantime Dear Diary, I guess I will just have to have a wonderful dream tonight.

The next afternoon Marina was asleep when Jack walked very quietly into the room. He had managed to sneak past the nurse so she didn’t know he was in the hospital.

Jack walked up to Marina and bent down. She was startled as he kissed her lips. She jumped as well as she could, while bound to the bed with mega pounds of fiberglass covering her entire body. Her arms flung into the air and she screamed a wild, panic ridden sound before yelling, “Help, I’m being attacked.”

With her scream, Marina woke herself, realizing that she wasn’t really being attacked, it was her boyfriend just trying to kiss her. She tried to recover from her scream before it became a problem, but she was too late, within a few seconds the Drill Sergeant was rounding the corner yelling, “What in hell are you doing in here? Now get the hell out of here and don’t ever come back without stopping to check in with me before you enter this room.”

Jack started to challenge her but Marina reached out and put her hand on his arm. “Jack, maybe you should leave for today. We don’t want to create such a scene that you will have to fight her each time you come by.”
“That’s right Sonny, now get out of here.”

Friday, February 17, Dear Diary:
I managed to get the old Drill Sergeant to let me use the phone, but only for five minutes. I called Jack and apologized to him for the way I had screamed at him when he kissed me. I also told him that I was looking forward to his next visit and that I wished I could get up and walk out of the hospital with him.
Jack told me that he had the same wish, then he told me something he had never said before. He said that he loved me. I can’t tell you, my Dear Diary how happy that made me feel. Oh how I wish that he could take me into his arms and make love to me right now, but for now, all I can do is dream and write about him.

Saturday, February 18, Dear Diary:
I know that I usually don’t enter my thoughts so early in the day, but I have to tell someone about my dream last night. I could feel Jack’s soft warm hands slowly and gently caressing my naked body. He laid me on my back and started at my toes and slowly massaged both of my legs all the way to my hips. He rolled me over on my stomach and gave me a backrub, beginning at my neck and slowly moving down to my shoulders, the middle of my back and then my hips. Then he rolled me back over and began to cup my breasts, one at a time, while tickling each of my nipples with the tip of his tongue.

Dear Diary, I have to tell you, his love making was the most wonderful experience, then I woke up in a sweat and realized that it had all been just a dream, and I was still in this damned cast. Oh how I hate this cast!

CHAPTER 2 -  Moved and Not Too Soon

Marina could hardly wait for Jack to come by to see her on Saturday afternoon. When he entered her room, she was all smiles as she held out her arms inviting him to hug her and place a warm, affectionate kiss to her lips. “Guess what, I am being sprung on Monday,” she said with the biggest smile Jack had seen since her accident.

“Gee, I don’t know what being sprung means,” he responded with and equally big smile. “You must be getting out of your cast.”
“Oh how I wish that was it,” she said as her smile slowly melted away. “No, but it is almost as good. They are going to let me go from the hospital to a care center where I can have my own room.” Then she looked around before continuing with a soft voice, “and you can stay with me sometimes and there won’t be that old Drill Sergeant out there yelling at us. Isn’t that great?”
Jack bent down and kissed her lips again before saying, “Wonderful, I can hardly wait to see your cast from tip to toe and see just what wonderful things there are under it.”

“Good because I can’t wait to show you,” Marina giggled.

Sunday, March 5, Dear Diary:
I can already begin to feel what I think it is going to be like when Jack and I are finally alone in my new room. It will be so wonderful without the old Drill Sergeant out there spying on us. When Jack comes by this afternoon, I am going to be wishing that we were already gone to the new place. Dear Diary, pleasant dreams.

Jack smiled at the old Drill Sergeant as he walked by her post on the way to Marina’s room. “Hi, beautiful, you sure look sexy lying there in that cast with your legs spread apart,” Jack said as he entered her room.

“Thank you because I feel sexy even though I can’t move a muscle,” she giggled, “other than my toes.”
Jack bent down to kiss her. She pulled him down against the cast that covered her wonderfully large breasts. She giggled, “Jack, just think what is under there and waiting for you when the cast is gone.”

Jack whispered in her ear, “Maybe, if you lay just right I can find out before the Doctor takes it off...but we will have to wait until you are in the new place so the old Drill Sergeant doesn’t catch us.”

Marina giggled again. She reached out, took Jack’s hand in hers and guided his fingers under the edge of the cast up to the palm of his hand. When his fingers touched one of her nipples she said, “Feel that?” with eyes dancing and a promise that there would be more later.

“I can’t bare the weight,” he whispered.

After a few more minutes the old Drill Sergeant came in. “OK Sonny, it is time for you to leave.”
Jack looked to Marina. “You had better go. We don’t want to cause a problem that might cause them to want to keep me in here,” Marina said before reaching up to pull Jack’s lips to hers. “I will see you at the new place tomorrow,” she continued.

Sunday, March 5, Dear Diary:
Yes, I know that I have already written to you today but I just have to tell you how wonderful it was to feel Jack’s strong fingers under the top of my cast, touching my breast. I can already feel my body getting hot when I think about tomorrow and being alone with him. Until later my Dear Diary.

Marina didn’t get a lot of sleep Sunday night and Monday morning. She was anticipating the move to her new place. She kept looking at the clock and wishing that time would pass.

At sun up she began to become impatient. She couldn’t understand why it was taking so long before they would come to move her and the very fact that she was a complete and total invalid in her cast didn’t help at all. She was as helpless as if she was paralyzed from the shoulders down. In fact she may be even in worse shape because not only could she not move, she was in a very heavy cast and she was stretched out in a horizontal position that prevented anyone form folding her legs.
The more she thought about her situation, the more she realized that it wasn’t going to be a simple little thing like lifting her into a wheelchair and taking her to a car. No, in fact, she wasn’t sure how they were going to move her.

After she had been given her breakfast two big men walked into her room while pushing a table with wheels on it. One of them looked at her with a pleasant grin. “Hello Marina, are you ready for your ride?”

“Oh yes, anything to get me out of here,” she replied.

The guy looked at the other one. “You take her legs and I will handle this end,” he told the man.

While Marina was still trying to figure out what they were going to do, the man at her feet reached out and grabbed her casted legs like the handles of a wheelbarrow while the other guy reached under her cast with one hand and her shoulders with the other one. They lifted and moved as one, placing her on the wheeled table. She would have been naked, except for the cast covering her entire body and legs.

One of the guys picked up a sheet and laid over her hips, covering her very exposed but private part. “Are you ready, young lady?” he asked as they began to push her down the hall and out to a waiting ambulance.

The two men stayed with her on the trip to her new place where they took her in and placed her on the bed. As soon as they were gone a young woman in her late twenties walked in. “Hello, I’m Mary, I will be here to help you any time you need by just pushing a button on that little device at the side of your bed.”

Not long after Marina was in her new home, Jack waltzed into the room with a wide smile. “Well, how do you like your new place?”
“I think that I am going to like it,…uh…that is, as much as I can while being in this cast.”

“Yeah, well there isn’t anything that we can do about you being in the cast, but maybe we can make it a little better while you are in it,” Jack answered with a large smile.

“Well, what did you have in mind?” Marina questioned with an equally large smile.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe a little of this,” Jack said as he walked over and bent down. He placed his hand on what was left of her bare chest above her cast while kissing her lips. She reached up and wrapped her arms over his shoulders and pulled his face closer to hers while his hand slowly worked two fingers under the edge of the cast.

“Mmmm, I think I am going to like it,” she said while feeling her body beginning to tingle under the heavy cast.
“Uuuummm,” came a voice from the doorway.

Jack quickly stood and looked toward the voice while feeling his face becoming flushed.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the voice apologized. “I’m Mary. I just wanted to remind you that these are private sweets and you are welcome to do anything you wish, but I would recommend that you shut the door first.”

“Yes ma-am. I am sorry,” Jack responded before in a rather clumsy attempt at introducing himself, he nearly tripped over his own feet while walking toward her with his right hand extended. “I’m Jack, and…uh, well, Marina is my girl friend, so, uh…, if it is OK, I will…”

“Nice to meet you Jack,” Mary reacted by shaking his hand, “and, if it is OK with you I will just shut the door and leave the two of you alone.”

After Mary shut the door Jack turned and walked back to Marina. “Where were we?” he asked with a giggle.
“You were here,” she answered with her arms in the air inviting him to continue to kiss her.

Monday, March 6, Dear Diary:
They moved me to my new place today and I can’t believe how nice this place is. If I have to be in a cast I can’t think of a nicer place to be.

Speaking of the move, it was almost like these two big guys were handling a big tree limb or something. They just grabbed hold of my cast and the next thing I knew I was on the cart with nothing covering me but the cast. I know there was nothing because I could feel a cool breeze blowing under my cast and between my legs before they threw a sheet over me.

I met Mary, my new caretaker, and she is really nice, but we did have one embarrassing moment when Jack was about to start playing under the top of my cast and she stepped to the door. She was really nice about it, but she told us to keep the door shut if we were going to do that.

Well, after Mary caught us, it kind of tossed cold water on our desires so Jack left soon afterward, but not before whispering that he would be back and for me not to loose his place for him. Dear Diary, I can’t hardly wait until tomorrow.

CHAPTER 3 - Sex and a Body Cast

Tuesday, March 7, Dear Diary:
I had the best night of sleep that I have had since I was put in this cast. I think it was because I knew that Jack was going to come by later this afternoon and, well…I think we are going to have some fun together. For now, goodbye Dear Diary.

It was shortly after lunch that Jack entered the center. As he passed by Mary he smiled and said, “We won’t forget to close the door this time.”

Mary winked a knowing sign while saying, “Good because Marina has been waiting on your arrival.”

Jack closed the door when he entered the room. He looked at his wonderfully casted beauty who had a sheet lying across the center of her body. “Hi my Dear,” he said before walking to the foot of her bed. He reached down and massaged Marina’s toes sticking out of the cast on her left foot. “How are you feeling today?” he asked.

“Oh, much better now that you are here,” she responded, trying to wiggle her toes while Jack rubbed them.
He bent down and placed a kiss to the tip of her big toe before walking to her open arms. As he bent down to kiss her, she wrapped her arms around him and whispered, “I have missed you so much.”

“I have missed you too,” he said before placing a long, passionate kiss to her lips.

Marina whispered while holding Jack down against the cast covering her breasts, “Do you remember where your place was, you know, the place that I was holding for you?”

Jack laid his hand on the exposed part of her chest above her cast while saying, “Do you mean this?”

With her dark eyes dancing, Marina shook her head and said, “Uh-huh.”

Jack began to work his fingers under the top of her cast when she said with a louder then normal voice while trying to move her left foot securely imprisoned in the yellow fiberglass, “Oh Jack, please, my toes are cramping. Please go down there and rub them for me.”

Jack quickly removed his fingers from under her cast where he was about to touch her nipple again. He nearly tripped as he made his way to her toes on her left foot. As he was ready to touch them he could see that they were severely bent over from the constricting of the muscles in her foot.

“Hurry Jack, it hurts. Please hurry,” Marina was speaking even louder.

Jack placed his fingers on her toes and straightened them while trying to rub the top of her foot above the end of her cast. With several minutes of massaging her muscles began to relax but her foot began to itch.

Marina extended her hand with a long, thin, flat, and smooth plastic stick. “Jack, Honey, please take this and stick it between the cast and the bottom of my foot.”

As Jack slowly moved the plastic stick in and out of the cast, Marina visibly relaxed her upper body while saying, “Oh thank you. I have been having cramps and my foot has been itching all afternoon long but there was nothing that I could do.”
Jack looked at the plastic stick and said, “Wow, this is a pretty neat thing, where did you get it?”

“Mary, she gave it to me. She said that casts start to itch after a while and that thing was good to help scratch under the cast.”
As Jack walked back to Marina’s head he said, “You know, I haven’t ever seen your cast without a sheet over you. Do you mind if I take it off because I have to believe that you will be the sexiest thing that I have ever seen laying there with your legs spread wide and the cast mimicking every form and shape of your wonderful body.”

“No, I don’t mind. After all the Doctor saw me naked while he was putting me in this prison and the two guys who brought me here saw me without a sheet so you might as well too.” She paused for a few seconds before continuing with a wide smile, “And, I was kind of hoping that you would find something interesting down there that you might want to massage a little for me.” She attempted to lift her shoulders and head while attempting to extend her reach before continuing, “As you can see, I just can’t really reach that place, but it sure would feel better if it were massaged a little now and then.”

Jack removed the sheet from her casted body before looking at the only part of her body that was not covered by the cast. As he placed his hand on it, Marina began to smile. Before long Jack was providing her with the pleasures she had been wishing for.
A few minutes later, Jack kissed her wanting lips and said, “I will be back tomorrow and we can continue with your great adventure.”

Marina said with a wink, “I won’t move. I will be here waiting just like this for your entertainment.”

Tuesday, March 7, Dear Diary:
Two entries in one day, yes I know, but I just have to tell someone. Jack just left but not before he gave me the most wonderful experience that I have had while in this cast. We had sex, well, actually, Jack’s finger and I had sex. I had no idea how

wonderful that it could be when I couldn’t move a muscle in my body and legs. All the sensations just rippled through my body as each of my muscles tried to move but couldn’t due to the confines of the cast. God, was it good. I am so looking forward to his next visit because he told me that he would do something different. Dear Diary, I can’t figure what it will be but I sure have something wonderful to dream about tonight.

Marina had been dreaming of Jack’s return all the next day. The longer she thought about it, the more she could feel her body already reacting to her anticipated pleasures. When Jack came into Marina’s room he shut the door and looked toward her lying on the bed. As he approached her she grabbed the sheet and pulled it off of her casted body before reaching her arms up to welcome him with a kiss.

He walked over and bent down for the hug and kiss. “I have missed you,” he whispered in her ear.
“Not as much as I have missed you,” she giggled. “I enjoyed your wonderful touch so much yesterday, that was all I could dream about until you returned.”

“Good, because I thought we might try something different today,” he said while looking around for a pillow.
“What do you have in mind,” she asked with a devilish smile on her pretty face.

Jack didn’t say anything. He just walked over and picked up a pillow, then he turned Marina crosswise in the bed so her feet were at one side and her head at the side nearest him. He placed his fingers under the front edge of her cast over her breasts and lifted while putting the pillow under the top edge of the cast under her back. The result was her upper body was slightly lowered in the cast, partially exposing her breasts.

“What are you doing,” Marina asked with some concern since her casted body and legs were longer that the bed was wide and she could see in her mind how she might slip off the bed.

Jack didn’t respond verbally, but it became obvious to Marina as her upped body lowered just enough that Jack could stand behind her head and slip both of his hands under the top of her cast and touch her two erect nipples.

As Jack’s soft fingers began to massage her nipples, Marina could feel her body reacting to every slight movement of his fingers. Jack bent down and kissed her lips.

Marina reached up and placed her hands around each of Jack’s wrists and gently guided them to her most sensitive spots. “Oh Jack, please don’t stop, she called out while her head was moving back and forth and her body was beginning to convulse in the cast to the rhythm of his fingers.

The stronger her body tried to react, the higher the level of her sensations rose as the restrictions of the cast became more severe. Before long her body was drenched in sweat as she called out for him to do more for her.

Wednesday, March 8, Dear Diary:
Well Dear Diary, I just had another wonderful experience with Jack. God, does he know how to turn a girl on. His wonderfully expMarinang fingers under my cast and on my nipples, and then later between my legs, oh god Diary, I didn’t know being in a full body cast could be so good.

I can feel myself becoming excited again just telling you about it. I have had all the same sensational stuff done to me before, but god, how much more sensation there is when I can’t move or do anything about it but just lay there and take it all in. God, how wonderful it feels when I feel my body trying to react, to move to the rhythm of his fingers, but the cast won’t let me. I can’t believe that I am admitting to this, but I actually have had a few thoughts about not wanting the cast removed.
I do have to admit though, that I was a little concerned when he started to turn me around on that bed. I could just see myself falling off the edge and breaking everything that hasn’t already been broken.

Before Jack left for the day he kissed me and said, “I think your big toes should have some attention, what do you think?”
“I asked him what he had in mind and he just grinned and winked, then he walked to the foot of the bed and kissed each toe before leaving without saying another word. Dear Diary, I have to tell you that I certainly will have something to dream about tonight.

CHAPTER 4 - Oh No, Not Another Month

At one o’clock the Doctor entered Marina’s room. “Hello, how are you?” he asked with a pleasant smile.
Marina looked up and said, “I guess I am doing OK, uh, that is if you consider that I am in a fiberglass prison from my armpits to my toes and I haven’t been able to move a muscle for over six weeks.”

The Doctor reached out and placed his hand on hers. “Yes, I know that it is uncomfortable but when you are injured as severely as you were, well, it takes some time for your body to heal, and a part of that is to remain completely immobile while your fractured bones are mending.”

“Oh, I know,” Marina responded, “but that doesn’t make it any easier to have to lay here like this.”
“We are going to place you on a gurney and wheel you down to the examination room where I can inspect your cast and take a few x-rays to determine how well you are healing.”

“You are going to take my cast off…. aren’t you?” Marina asked with the most pleading voice she could generate.
The Doctor sidestepped her question with, “We’ll just have to look at the x-rays and see how well you are doing before I can answer that.”

A couple of minutes passed before the two men who had moved her from the hospital to the center came to her room with the gurney. They lifted her from the bed to the gurney and followed the Doctor to the examination room.

The Doctor used a portable x-ray machine to take pictures of her back, pelvis and right leg. Marina waited anxiously while the films developed. After the Doctor had evaluated them he returned to the room where Marina was. He was wearing a wide smile, which Marina saw. She asked with a gleeful voice, “Looks as if you like what you saw, so when do you get started cutting me out of this thing?”

“Oh, I do like what I am seeing,” he responded. “The problem with your back has healed and your pelvic fractures are mending well. It looks like the fractures in your right lower leg are beginning to heal.”

“So, that is good news, isn’t it?” Marina asked.

“Oh yes, it sure is. I think that after another four weeks, I can take the cast off of everything but your right leg. I may have to keep it immobilized for a little longer.”

It took Marina a few seconds to process what the Doctor had just told her. As his words began to register with her she felt tears welling up in her big dark eyes. Her chin began to quiver as she attempted to say, “Ffffour more weeeks, Doctor, did you ssssay I have to be in this pppprrrison for another mmmmonth?”

“Yes, Marina, it is going to take a little more time before the fractures in your pelvis have mended, but, I think you can start getting out of bed now.”

“Getting out of bed?” Marina repeated while sniffing back her tears. “Doctor, just how can I get out of bed when I can’t move a muscle?”

“These men here will help you. They will start with just moving you to different laying down positions on the sofa. After a few days, assuming that you can tolerate it, they will help you stand up in the cast with the aid of some crutches to help you balance. That will be important because, when you get out of the cast, you will be very weak if you don’t do some standing exercises before the cast is gone.”

Marina looked at the Doctor through her tear drenched eyes. “Are you sure that I have to stay in this thing for another month?” Then she made her last and most pleading pitch for getting her cast off. “Please Doctor, if you take it off, I promise that I will stay in bed and lay perfectly still.”

The Doctor reached out and placed his hand on hers. He said with a soft, reassuring voice, “I’m sorry Marina, but I can’t. I know that it is very uncomfortable, but the cast is absolutely necessary to help your fractures heal properly.”

“Bbbut Doctor, pplllease, I promise, I won’t move.”

“I know how much you want me to take the cast off, but you’re not ready yet.”
No matter how much Marina pleaded or shed tears, the Doctor stood firm. He wouldn’t take her cast off for another four weeks.

Monday, March 27, Dear Diary:
I just came back from the Doctor’s examination. Dear Diary, can you believe it, I still have to be in this fiberglass prison for another month, but the Doctor told me with a smile on his face that I could get out of bed now. Yeah, great, so I am going to be hauled or dragged around like a big stiff board. And, he thinks that will make me happy, Dear Diary, what can I do?

Shortly after Marina got back to her room the two men lifted her and carried her to a sofa. They laid her down on the cushions with her casted right leg resting on the back of the sofa. They told her they would be back in an hour to put her back in bed. Then they gave her a little button to push if she needed help before they returned.

As soon as the two men left Marina asked herself, “Is this really better, or was the Doctor just trying to give me a carrot to make me shut up so he could leave?”

While Marina was lying on the sofa with her right leg in the air, Jack walked in. He walked over and kissed her before remarking, “Wow, don’t you look different?”

“Oh, sure Jack, and just how do you figure that?” Marina’s remark was slightly caustic.
“Gosh, I’m sorry. What’s wrong?”

Marina felt her tears welling up again. “Jack, Honey, I’m sorry. I was just hoping that I would be free of this cast, but I have another month in it so, I guess that I am feeling a little sorry for myself.”

“Oh, but obviously some things have changed. This is the first time you have been on the sofa like that.”

“Yeah, that is the Doctor’s idea of trying to make me feel better since he wouldn’t take the cast off.”

“Oh, you sound like you are mad at him.”

“I’m sorry. Disappointed is probably a better word. I was hoping to get this cast off and, uh…, well, I’m sorry that I took it out on you.”

Jack sat down close to her so he could hold her hand. He bent down and placed a kiss to her lips. As his lips met hers, she wrapped her arms around him and whispered, “Jack, I need for you to love me again.”

Jack rolled off of the sofa onto his knees on the floor and began to wrap his right arm around her shoulders while his left hand began to massage the top of her chest above her cast. As he slowly worked his fingers under the hard prison confining her wonderful breasts, Marina could feel her body beginning to react. She pulled his lips harder against hers while opening her mouth, allowing Jack’s tongue to pass her lips and explore her oral cavity. As his tongue advanced into her mouth, his fingers advanced under the top of her cast, finding the hard, erect nipple of her right breast.

The stimulation to her nipple sent shivers of pleasure rippling through her body like waves on the ocean. She could feel every muscle in her body straining against the hard cocoon she was trapped in, while attempting to relieve the tension of her delight. Her toes curled as the sensations rippled down her legs through the cast and exited her body. “Oh Jack,” she whispered, “please help me,” as her body became drenched in sweat.

She screamed out, “Please Jack, do it to me. I can’t take this anymore without your help.”
A few minutes later, Marina was relaxed in the confinement of her prison. “Oh god thank you Jack. With this cast on, I can’t reach myself, and I just about go crazy without you here to help me.”

A few minutes later the two men returned and placed Marina back on her bed. When they left, Jack kissed her and told her, “I will be back tomorrow and we can continue where we left off.”

Marina giggled with a wink while she said, “Don’t worry, I will still be right here, and I promise, I won’t move a muscle until you return.”

Monday, March 27, Dear Diary:
Yes Dear Diary, I know that this is my third entry for today but I have had one hell of a day. I was so disappointed after the Doctor was finished with me that I could have cut my throat if I could have gotten a knife, but, of course, that was out of the question because a can’t get up to get one, thanks to the Doctor.

Then, Jack came in and rescued me from my terrible thoughts. Jack made love to me in a way that only he can, and when he was finished, I began to ask myself again if I ever wanted this cast gone because it is so much fun for him to make love to me when I can’t move a muscle. I just have to lay here and take it, and that, my Dear Diary is what I enjoy the most, just lying here and taking it.

CHAPTER 5 - A "Walling"

Monday, April 10, Dear Diary:
It has been two weeks since the Doctor told me that I could get out of bed which is really a joke since I can’t move without someone picking me up and carrying me around like a big log, but I guess that I have been making some progress. At least now I am able to stand up in my cast with the help of crutches. Just two weeks to go and, Dear Diary, I will be as free as a bird and out of here.

Marina was standing in her cast while resting her chin on her crutches when Jack came into her room. He had never seen her in the standing position before so he stood in silence for several seconds, drinking in his beautiful girlfriend in her fiberglass cast. He was taking note of how every little and every big curve of her sensual body and legs were reflected in the form of the cast from her feet to her large breasts.

The cast accented the sensual shape of her legs with athletic calves and full and rounded hips to her hourglass waist. And, it was perfectly molded over those gorgeous breasts that he had become so accustom to fondling under the top of the cast while Marina took her visionary trips through the pleasures of his company.

“Hi Marina,” Jack said as he took a few steps to where she was standing.

As he approached her she put out one arm toward him and said, “Be careful, there is no way that I can stop myself from falling if I become over balanced.”

Jack smiled and stepped closer to her while reaching out to place both hands on her shoulders. As he steadied her, he stepped to her and embraced her soft upper body while placing a long, passionate kiss on her wanting lips.
“Jack, I have missed you so much,” she said before she released her hold on him.

He carefully stepped back while continuing to hold onto her shoulders. “Gosh, you look good today.”

She smiled before saying, “Jack, how can you say that I look good today?” She used her right hand to make a sweeping motion down the front of her cast while continuing, “Just look at me. I am in this big old cast all the way to my toes, my legs are spread apart like the breastbone of a chicken and I am beginning to smell from the odor of this cast.”

“Let me say it again, you look great today. I have never seen you standing so I could see all of you at once, and you look wonderful in that cast.”

“Oh, and I guess that you would like for me to stay in it forever?” she said with a teasing wink.

“No, of course not,” he answered, “but I am getting excitedly hot by looking at you like this.”

“How hot?” Marina asked while her dark eyes were dancing.

“Very hot!”

Marina reached out again and pulled Jack into her arms. As she wrapped her arms around him, she placed a kiss on his lips. She said in a very soft voice, “Just how hot is very hot? Is it hot enough to make love to me now?”

“How can I do that? You are standing up and I can’t reach you like I usually do unless you are lying down.”

“No, no, no Jack. I am talking about really making love to me. I mean, really, while I am standing up.”

It took a few seconds before Jack caught on to what she was asking him. “Oh, you mean, making love for real this time.”
“Yes big fellow, that is exactly what I am talking about.”

‘Well, I am very willing to try it if you are,” Jack responded while his heart was beginning to race. “But how can we do it? I don’t want to cause you to fall over, and are you sure that the cast is cut away enough that I can…”

Marina answered, “One thing that I have been able to do after standing up was to get so I could check out that part with a mirror and yes, I am sure that there is a big enough hole in the cast.”
“But what if you begin to fall over? What can we do?”

“Jack, think! All you have to do is move me over next to a wall. With my back against the wall and you in front of me, how can I fall over?”

Jack stood in front of Marina, wrapped his arms around her waist in a bear hug and lifted her casted feet off the floor. He carried her to a wall where he stood her down with the slightest tilt backward against the wall behind her. He stepped back and giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Marina asked.

“Oh nothing really. I just guess that seeing you leaning against the wall like that struck me funny. I don’t know why, it just did.”

“You don’t think that is funny that I have asked you to make love to me in this cast, do you?”

Jack quickly stopped giggling. “Gosh no Honey, I think it is going to be wonderful.”

Marina reached out with her arms and said, “Well, then come here. I need a big kiss.”

Jack stepped into her arms and let her draw his lips to hers. She held her arms tightly over his shoulders while kissing him passionately. After releasing her hold over his shoulders he stepped back just enough that she began to unbutton the front of his shirt. Her smile got bigger with each button that she unfastened.

When his shirt was open, she rolled it off of his shoulders while she began to giggle. “Now it is my turn to ask you what is so funny,” Jack said.

“Oh, I don’t know. I guess I just had a thought about how funny we would look if someone walked in on us now.”

“I locked the door so I hope not,” Jack winked.

Since there was no way that Marina could help him remove his pants, Jack stepped back and removed them and his underwear.

When he turned back around Marina looked down. “I can see that you are ready also,” she giggled again.
Jack stepped forward, and before long Marina was experiencing the lovely feelings she had been dreaming of.

Monday, April 10, Dear Diary:
Yes my Dear Diary, I have another entry for today. Jack just left after giving me the most wonderful round of lovemaking we have experienced together. Believe it or not my Dear Diary, I was standing up in my cast while we had real, and I mean real, love making. It was so wonderful that I don’t want to do it any other as long as I am in this cast.

As Marina revealed in her diary, Jack and she had developed a new way of satisfying themselves. They even gave it a name, they called it “walling” for obvious reasons.

Over the next almost two weeks Jack would come to Marina’s room and help her out of bed. He held her casted legs by her ankles and turned her around so her feet and legs were extended over the side of the bed. Then he pulled her cast over the edge of the bed to the point that her legs were heavy enough that they would tip down to the floor. Once her casted feet were on the floor, Marina would extend her arms. Jack would pull her to a standing position, then wrap his arms around her casted waist and carry her to a wall where they would make love.

The night before Marina was to get her cast off, she planned a special evening for the two of them. She asked Mary to help her by bringing in some candles and wine.

When Jack arrived, Marina said, “Jack, Honey, since this is our last night for me to be in my cast, I thought I would have something special to remember it by.” She asked him to carry her to the sofa where he placed her with her casted right leg across the back cushion like the two men had placed her when she was first getting out of bed.

After she was as comfortable as possible in the cast with her leg in the air she asked Jack to light the candles and pour the wind. While they sipped wine by candlelight she reached out and took Jack’s hand. “Honey, I just want you to know that being in this cast like this would have unbearable if it hadn’t been for you. The way you have always come by to see me…” tears began to fill her big dark eyes.

Jack reached out and dried her eyes before kissing her rosy lips. “It’s OK Honey,” he said.

“Yes, but if it hadn’t been for you, and your lovemaking…well, I don’t know what I would have done.”

“I love you,” Jack whispered before placing another kiss to her lips.

“I love you too,” Marina whispered. Then she said with a smile, “Since this is my last night in this cast, will you please wall me one last time.”

Jack lifted Marina from the sofa and carried her to their favorite place in the room. He allowed her to slowly remove his shirt before he removed his pants. Then he stepped into her wanting arms and began to kiss her lips with a renewed passion.

When they were finished, Marina wasn’t sure if it was because there would not be another walling or what, but she had just reached a level of pleasure she had never felt before.

Sunday, April 23, Dear Diary:
I can’t believe that the time has finally arrived. I am going to be free of this cast tomorrow. And to celebrate, Jack and I had our last walling this evening. It was so wonderful, even more so that the first time we did it while I was standing and leaning against the wall. Oh by the way, my Dear Diary, did I tell you that Jack told me that he loved me? Now I have to put you down and try to get some sleep for my big day tomorrow.

CHAPTER 6 - Finally, The Cast is Gone

Marina found it easier than she expected to fall asleep, considering the big and exciting day she was looking forward to. Before long she was deeply into a dream about getting her cast off and walking out of the convalescent center on her own.
Marina could see herself being wheeled down to the clinic room. The Doctor was going to walk in with a wide smile, cut the cast off of her and she was going to sit up, turn her legs over the side of the bed, jump down and walk out of there as if nothing had ever happened.

Monday, April 24, Dear Diary:
I just had the most wonderful dream last night. When the Doctor finished cutting the cast off of me, Jack was present to give me my bra and panties. After slipping them on, I put on a pair of pantyhose because I hadn’t worm any for over two months and I was missing their sensual feel next to by bare skin. Then I slipped on a pair of my favorite three inch heels before standing to slip on a skirt and blouse. Then I told Jack that I wanted him to take me to the fanciest French restaurant he could find. Oh Dear Diary, did I ever have a wonderful dream, and I am sure most of it will come true this afternoon at one o’clock when the Doctor cuts my cast off.

Marina was in her room at twelve-thirty when Mary walked in. “Marina, I am afraid that I have some bad news.”
Marina’s heart jumped to her throat. She placed her hand over her mouth while expecting Mary to tell her that something horrible had happened to Jack since she was expecting that he should have already been with her. “What is it Mary?” she asked while not really sure she wanted the answer.

“Marina, the Doctor just called.”

“The Doctor? Please Mary, is it Jack? Has something happened to Jack?”

“No, not that I know of. It is your Orthopedic Doctor. He was called into emergency surgery and he won’t be able to see you until tomorrow afternoon at one o’clock.”

Marina felt her big dark eyes filling with tears as she heard Mary’s message. “Oh no!” she said with a raised voice. “You mean that I have to be in this cast for another night?”

Mary walked over to Marina. She took her hand and said, “Honey, I’m very sorry. I know how much you have been looking forward to today, but it will all be done tomorrow.”

A few minutes passed before Jack entered her room. He was smiling widely while humming a little tune. “Hi my Dear,” he said with a joyful voice before seeing that Marina had big tears rolling down her cheeks. “What’s wrong?” he asked with a sudden change in his voice as the smile left his face.

Marina began to sob loudly as Jack walked over and took her hand in his.

“The Doctor…uh…the Doctor isn’t…coming today,” she choked out between gulps.

Jack wiped away her tears. “Why? What happened?” he asked.

“Some kind of emergency so he can’t come until tomorrow,” she said between gasps of air. “I have to be in this thing for another night.”

Jack knew that it wasn’t the right time to say anything until after she had calmed down so he talked with her for half an hour before he said, “You know Marina, there is one good thing that can come out of this.”

She turned and looked at him with a question on her pretty face. “Good, what good?”

Jack cleared his throat, being a little cautious to continue, “Walling, we can do another walling this evening, uh, that is if you want to.”

Marina reached out and wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled his face to hers. She kissed him passionately before saying, “Yep, you are right. That is at least one good thing that can happen. Now go lock the door.”

Monday, April 24, Dear Diary:
What looked like a horrible situation with the Doctor not being able to cut me out of this cast until tomorrow turned out to be a great opportunity for Jack and me to do one more walling. Dear Diary, it was so wonderful that it made staying in the cast for one more day worth it.

Jack was with Marina in her room at twelve forty-five when the two men came in with the gurney. They lifted Marina onto it, placed the sheet over her and wheeled her down to the waiting Doctor.

When they entered the room the Doctor said, “Marina, I am very sorry about yesterday, but there was a bad car accident and I spent all afternoon saving a young woman’s life.”

Marina reached out and took his hand while saying, with a glance toward Jack, “That’s OK Doctor, I managed to survive.”
Marina’s heart began to pound when the Doctor said, “I am just going to take a few x-rays before I remove your cast.” That was the same thing that happened a month ago and she was still in the cast from her toes to her armpits.

“Oh no Doctor, you don’t think there is still a problem, do you?”

“No Marina, I feel certain that you will be OK this time but I just need to make sure.”

While the x-rays were being processed Marina was having flashbacks of how it had happened a month earlier and of her dream a couple of nights ago. She was sure she was going to be able to get off the table and walk out of the room as good as new as soon as the cast was gone, but she just couldn’t stop remembering the last time she was in the room with x-rays being taken.
A few minutes passed before the Doctor walked back in the room with a smile on his face. Marina looked at him and said, “The last time you walked in with that smile, I spent another month in this cast, are you going to do that again?”

“No Marina, I have some great news. Your back was fine last time, and now your pelvis has healed.”

“How about my right leg Doctor? You didn’t say anything about it?”

“Your leg is looking good, but it will still need a little TLC.”

While the Doctor was getting the tools to remove her cast, Marina thought to herself. “TLC, that must mean that I will have an elastic bandage around it for a few days.”

The Doctor turned Marina over on her stomach. He used the cast cutter, beginning at the opening between her legs and cutting across the top of the back of her right leg around and down the side as far as he could toward the outside of her leg. When he was finished, he made the same cut on the cast over the back of her left leg. When he was finished he asked Jack to help him turn Marina over so she was lying on her back.

Then the Doctor cut a line along her right side all the way from her armpits to the top of the cast on her right leg. He cut over the top of the cast at the top of her right thigh before moving to her left side where he repeated the process down her left side and over the thigh of her left leg. When he was finished, the cast had been cut completely around the top of both of her legs and down both sides from her armpits to the cuts at the top of her legs. Then he used a tool to pry the front side of the cast loose from the rest of it.

He asked Jack to stand on her left side while he was on her right side. They worked their fingers under the edges of the cast and lifted the front of the cast off of Marina’s naked body. As the cast was separated from her, Marina felt a rush of cold air flooding over her very warm body, causing a shiver to ripple through her body.

As the cast was lifted off, she raised her head just enough to see her body covered in dead skin. Immediately she voiced, “Oh my god, look at me,” while thoughts of her gorgeous, smooth, clean skin quickly left like the leaves of fall in a wind storm.
At the same time Jack was looking with interest at how the skin over her large breasts appeared clean, with no dead skin on them. Before his thoughts caught up with his observations he said, “Wow Marina, look at how clean your breasts are.”
Marina could feel her face turning crimson as she looked at the Doctor who glanced toward Jack before looking back at Marina who realized why her breasts were free of the dead skin. “Jack, be quiet,” she said with a sharp tone in her voice.
The Doctor acted like he didn’t know what was going on. “Jack, if you will help me, we will lift Marina out of the bottom half of the cast.”

Marina felt disappointment flash over her when the Doctor said, “Marina, I am going to leave the cast on your legs for a couple more days. After you get a little more used to being out of the body cast, then I will remove your leg casts.” She started to sit up in protest but immediately discovered that she couldn’t move. Her muscles had tightened to the point that any attempt to move gave a signal that they didn’t want too. She laid back on the gurney as tears began to fill her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” the Doctor asked.

“It hurts. I can’t move, it hurts too much.”

The Doctor responded, “Yes, I know.” Then he reached to a shelf and got a bottle of liquid. He handed it to Jack. “Jack, I want you to take Marina back to her room and apply some of this to everywhere the cast was. It will help cleanse and remove the dead skin. Besides, with some massaging, it will make her muscles feel good.”

A few minutes later Jack was wheeling Marina’s naked body, covered with a sheet back to her room with a wonderful massage flooding both of their thoughts.

CHAPTER 7 - More Massages Please

Tuesday, April 25, Dear Diary:
I have to admit that I was very disappointed yesterday afternoon when the Doctor didn’t remove the casts from my legs, but the biggest disappointment was how stiff and sore I was when I tried to move. I didn’t realize what being in a cast for ten weeks would do to my body. Not only could I not move without it hurting, but my skin was so ugly. God, how ugly and the smell, it was awful.

Thankfully the Doctor gave Jack some magic oil that he rubbed all over my body. It took away the dead skin and made me smell good, but the best part was that Jack put it on me. Since I was on my back when the Doctor finished with me, Jack began to massage the oil onto my stomach. After he had rubbed it in he moved to the skin over my waist and hips. While he was rubbing down there, I almost tried to sit up, grab onto his hand and guide it to my place of pleasure.

As Jack began to rub the oil on my breasts I asked him if he realized why they didn’t have any dead skin on them. I could see that the question embarrassed him since he was recalling his comment in front of the Doctor. He shook his head and smiled before bending down to kiss the nipple of my right breast. He whispered that he knew that it was because he had been working his hands under the cast and fondling my breasts, which rubbed the skin away.

When he was finished with my stomach and breasts, he rolled me over and began to massage by back. Before long I had fallen asleep. Jack continued to massage my back as I slept for an hour. When I awoke he rolled me back over and finished the massage he had started between my legs. Dear Diary, I have to close for now because I hear Jack coming down the hall.

“Hello beautiful, how well did you sleep last night?” Jack asked as he walked over and bent down to place a kiss to her lips while slowly dragging his hand over her breasts that were barely covered by a sheet.
Marina smiled while her eyes danced with excitement. “Jack, I am so happy to see you again this morning. Would you please rub that oil all over my naked body again?”

Jack looked into her eyes. “What do you have in mind with a question like that?” he asked with a chuckle.
“Well, just what do you think I have in mind,” she answered while reaching out to grab hold of his hand and pull him down against her chest. Then she strained against her muscles that didn’t want to give while lifting her shoulders off the bed to wrap her arms around his shoulders, holding him tightly against her while kissing the side of his face several times.
“Gosh, I don’t know, but I bet you are about ready to tell me,” he giggled.

Marina released her hold on Jack, allowing him to stand up straight. “No kidding, how are you feeling today?” Jack asked.
Marina tried to move her body around on the bed while a frown crossed her pretty face. “Sore, Jack, I am so stiff and sore that it hurts to move. I was teasing you about the oil rubdown, but really, I would like for you to give me a massage and help me to work some of the stiffness out of my back and hips.”

Jack stepped to the foot of her bed and took hold of the spreader bar holding her casted legs apart in the spread eagle position. “If I lift your legs and turn them, can you roll over on your stomach?”

Marina smiled a slight grin while shaking her head, “Uh-huh, I think so, but be easy because it hurts to try to roll over.”
Once Marina was on her stomach, Jack began at her shoulders to rub the oil into her soft skin. She began to moan with a soft, soothing sound as he kneaded her muscles along both sides of her back all the way to her hips. After nearly an hour Jack suggested that it was time to roll her back over so he could massage her stomach and waist.

Jack began by massaging the muscles of her flat stomach. Then he turned his attention to her breasts. Before long his massaging technique had turned into cupping each of her large, firm and rounded breasts in his two hands while gently teasing each very erect and hard nipple with his tongue. Marina laid quietly with waves of pleasure rushing through he veins like waves on a sea of open water.

Marina reached out, locked her hands around Jack’s neck and pulled herself into a sitting position as the muscles in her back slowly gave way to the relieve of Jacks massage. “Jack, Honey,” she whispered while nibbling on his ear, “please, I need for you to massage my special place.” Then she laid back and closed her eyes while Jack sent her into a new orbit of pleasure.

Tuesday, April 25, Dear Diary:
Well, my Dear Diary, Jack just left after helping me to get some of my sore muscles limbered up. And, oh yes, he helped me to relieve some of my other stresses in a way that only Jack could do for me.

I guess I should be upset with the Doctor for leaving my legs in these casts, but frankly, my Dear Diary, Jack has kept me so well entertained that I have almost forgotten about the casts. I have to keep them the rest of today and tomorrow, then he will take them off. The way my body muscles have been limbering up with Jack’s help, I should be able to walk out of here on both feet, maybe with some crutches for balance, but I should be ready to escape this place as soon as the leg casts are gone. And, Dear Diary, that will not be too soon.

The next afternoon when Jack arrived he was greeted by a less than smiling Marina. “What’s wrong, Honey,” he asked.
Marina sat up and pointed to her casted legs still spread wide open on the bed in front of her. “That,” she said.

“They will be coming off tomorrow, won’t they?” Jack asked. “Besides, look at you! You are sitting up on your own now.”

“Yeah, but I can’t get out of bed with that still on my legs,” she answered with a frown on the pretty face.

“Yeah, but…”

‘But, hell,” Marina interrupted. “I was planning on walking by now, and I can’t even lift my legs in these heavy casts.”
Jack walked over to her, bent down, wrapped his arms around her naked body and kissed her lips. “How about if I give you another massage, will that make you feel better?”

Marina pulled his face back to hers and kissed his lips with a long, passionate kiss. “Yes, that might help,” she answered between more kisses.

Jack helped her lay back down and roll over onto her stomach so he could massage more of that soothing oil into the muscles of her back. While he was rubbing her back she said with a soft voice, “Jack, do you think we can do it for real? I really would like for you to make love to me this afternoon.”

“Do you think we can? I mean, when you were in the cast, my weight on you couldn’t hurt, but now, I mean, with your fractured pelvis, I wouldn’t want to hurt you.”

“Jack, don’t worry, I will know if it is going to hurt and I will tell you to stop, OK?”
Jack walked over and locked the door before walking to the foot of her bed. He took hold of the spreader bar holding her casted legs apart. “OK Marina, now if you will roll over I will help you with your legs.”
As Marina rolled over to her back she looked into Jacks eyes. “I knew you would to it,” she said.
Jack walked back to her head and gave her another kiss before pouring more of the oil into his hands. He rubbed them together before cupping her right breast in his hands. He bent down and kissed her erect nipple before slowly dragging his tongue over the top of her breast and to her wanting lips. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled his face back down to her breast where he parted his lips and began to play with her erect nipple with the tip of his tongue.

Jack moved from her breast down her flat stomach while dragging his tongue on her smooth skin all the way to her hairline. After some very intense stimulation he stood and remover his clothes while Marina was pleading for him to please hurry. A few minutes later, they were fully engaged in exactly what Marina had wished ever since the Doctor had removed her body cast. The only difference this time, she could actually join in by moving her body to the rhythm as Jack brought her ever closer to the magic feeling she was hoping for.

Wednesday, April 26, Dear Diary:
Jack just left after a wonderful experience. It was the first where I could react to what Jack was doing to my body. I could move as he and it heightened my feeling. The only thing was, my legs are still in these casts and spread wide apart so I couldn’t wrap them around his body.

Tomorrow afternoon the Doctor is going to remove my leg casts, then I think I can go home. I am sure that he will insist upon me wearing an elastic bandage on my right leg, but I can deal with that if he will just let me get out of here and go back home. I am sure, after the massaging that Jack has done for me, I will be back in shape enough that the Doctor will let me go, oh Dear Diary, I can’t hardly wait until tomorrow so I can get these casts off and resume my life with Jack’s help.

CHAPTER 8 - A New Cast

Wednesday, April 26, Dear Diary:
Finally, the day has come when I will be getting out of all of these casts. Jack is coming by to accompany me down to see the Doctor. I know he will help me to walk out of there a free woman again. My Dear Diary, this is truly going to be a day to celebrate.

Jack was early when he arrived at Marina’s room. She had planned to be wearing a blouse with a full skirt so she could be ready to leave when the Doctor had finished removing the casts from her legs, but she was still naked and lying under the sheet when he arrived. As he walked over to kiss her rosy lips she looked up with a slightly embarrassed expression to her pretty face. “Gee Honey, I didn’t expect you so soon. I was planning to be dressed already when you arrived.”

Jack said with a wink, “I can fix that,” then he pretended like he was going to turn around and walk out of the room.
Marina yelled, “Hey, not so fast there. You can help me get dressed.”

“Only if you let me put the clothes on for you,” he grinned a devilish smile.
“OK, you have a deal, she answered before setting up in bed. “Look over there on the table and get me that bra,” she directed.

Jack walked over, picked it up and looked at it while she watched. “Now bring it to me,” she demanded.

When Jack got back to her side, she reached out for it. “NO, remember, you said that I get to put it on you.”

“OK Jack, if you think you can,” she giggled.

Jack stood facing her while he held the bra up and pretended to place the cups over her large breasts. As he put the bra in place he whistled. “Wow, what a job that poor thing has ahead of it.”

“Give me that,” Marina said with a giggle while reaching out and taking the bra from Jack. She held it in place while saying, “OK Jack, now you can hook it together in back.”

Jack stepped behind her. As he was fastening the hooks on the bra he bent down slightly and began to kiss the nap of Marina’s neck. “Stop that before you start something that we don’t have time to finish before the Doctor is supposed to arrive.”
“Spoil sport,” Jack answered before stepping around, wrapping his arms around Marina’s upper body and placing a long passionate kiss to her lips.

A few minutes later Marina was wearing a blouse and a full skirt around her waist and over her legs, still spread eagled in the casts from her toes to her hips.

Mary stepped into Marina’s room. “The Doctor just called. He is ready for you in the examination room.”

Jack helped Marina to the gurney since her widely spread legs would not fit into a wheelchair. As Jack pushed her to the examination room she looked up and said, “I am so excited, I am finally going to get these horrible casts off and I can get on with my life.”

“What if the Doctor says that your leg isn’t healed yet? What are you going to do?” Jack asked.

“Oh, don’t worry. I expect that he will tell me that I have to have an elastic bandage on my right leg for a week or so, but that won’t be a problem.”

As Marina entered the small room on the gunny, the Doctor stood and said with a smile, “Hello Marina, I am sure that you are ready to get the casts off of your legs, right?”

“Oh god yes,” she reacted. “I have been looking forward to this afternoon for ever.”

“Good,” the Doctor said while lifting the sheet off of her casted legs. “I see you have done some dressing. Looks like you are ready to go out for a soda when I am finished.”

“Yes, a soda or something, as long as it is far away from here.”

The Doctor walked over to the light on the wall and placed the x-ray of he lower right leg on it. “Marina your leg is looking good.”

“Oh great,” Marina responded with a bubbly, high pitched yep.

The Doctor picked up the cast saw and cut the spreader bar between her two casts. Then he reached over the cast on her left leg and cut the cast down the side from her hip to her foot and up to her toes. Then he repeated the cut on the outside of her leg. Once the cuts were completed, he took a tool and pried the casts apart.

Marina watched as he removed the top half of her cast. “Oh god, look at my leg!” she said. “It has shriveled up and look at all of that hair. I didn’t know a leg could grow that much hair.”
The Doctor looked at her and smiled. “I am sure that some of the magic oil in Jack’s hands, and a razor this evening and your leg will clean up just fine.”

The Doctor stepped around to the other side of the table next to Marina’s right leg. He took the cast cutter and cut down both sides of the cast before prying the top half of the cast off. Then placed his hands under her leg, one just above her knee and the other at her calf and gently lifted her leg out of the cast.

“Why are you being so careful with my leg?” Marina asked.

“Your leg is coming along fine, but it isn’t completely healed yet.”

“Yes I know, Marina responded. “That’s why you are going to have me wear an elastic bandage on it for a week, right?”

“Well,” the Doctor said while looking into her big dark eyes, “I am afraid that it isn’t that simple. I am going to have to put another cast on your leg.”

Marina’s heart fell to the floor. “Another cast?” she responded with tears welling up in here eyes.

“Yes Marina, I am going to have to cast your leg again.”

Marina sniffed back her tears. “Just a small cast, right?”
“No Marina, I am going to have to put your leg in a full length cast again, from your toes to your hip. But, I will mold it with your knee bent so you will be able to use crutches without a problem.”

Jack stepped forward and took hold of Marina’s hand. “It will be OK Honey. I know that you had been planning to be free of the casts but it shouldn’t be too bad if the Doctor makes it so you can walk on crutches. Just think, you can still get out of here even with a new cast.”

As the Doctor began to prepare for the new cast he said, “I am going to need to bent your knee a little and that will probably hurt so Jack, how about holding Marina’s hand real tight.”

The Doctor placed one hand under her upper leg just above her knee and the other hand on her lower leg above the fractures. As he slowly began to apply pressure, Marina let out a scream from the pain as her muscles began to be stretched and a knee joint bent when it hadn’t moved for over ten weeks.

In a few seconds it was all over. “OK Marina, I am finished. Now I will put the cast on. The warmth of the fiberglass setting will help the pain go away.”

The Doctor helped Marina turn on the table with her right leg extending over the edge. He placed a cotton stockinet over her toes and drew the top of it all the way to her hip. Then he wrapped some cotton padding around her leg before he rolled several layers of wet yellow fiberglass over her leg from her foot to her hip. When he was about finished he turned the raw edges of the stockinet back over the cast and wrapped another layer of fiberglass over the raw edges of the stockinet. When he was done he stood back and said, “OK Marina, I think that will be good.”

Marina looked through her tear drenched eyes, down at the cast consuming her entire right leg from her toes to her hip, “Doctor, how long will I have to wear this?”

“”I think that after another six weeks we can be considering removing it, but until then, I want you to not walk on the cast. Use the crutches at all times.”

He asked Jack to get a wheelchair out of the hallway and bring it in, then he turned back to Marina, “Now, you can’t just jump up and walk out of here. You need a few days of using this wheelchair while doing some physical therapy to strengthen your left leg again. Remember that it hasn’t been used for a while, the muscles are weaker and they will be sore for a few days.”
As Marina was getting ready to move from the table to the wheelchair she was thinking, “Sure Doctor, but I don’t have to worry about all of that stuff. I know that I can just get down from this table and walk out of here.”

The Doctor held her right arm while Jack held her left arm as she slipped off the table and onto her left foot. Immediately, she felt her leg begin to buckle. She would have fallen if they hadn’t been holding onto her arms.

Marina looked at the Doctor with a sheepish grin. “Yes, Doctor, I think you are right. I do need some physical therapy.”

Wednesday, April 26, Dear Diary:
I am going to take a few minutes to write while Jack is out getting a pizza. Well, my plans sure didn’t work out the way that I had hoped. I still have a cast on my right leg and the Doctor has sent me to physical therapy for a week before he will let me out of here. I really didn’t realize how bad my legs would be after being casted for so long until I started to get off that table and stand on my left leg. It was so weak that I would have fallen down if it hadn’t been for Jack and the Doctor. Oh well, my Dear Diary, at least I will be out of here by the end of the week.

CHAPTER 9 - Another Leg Cast

Marina was still siting in the wheelchair when Jack returned with the pizza. While they ate Marina said, “Jack, as soon as we are finished eating, I want you to help me clean up my leg and shave all the hair off of it.”

“Marina, my dear, I was planning to do that even before you asked.”

Jack spread out some towels on the bed before helping Marina to stand on her weak left leg just long enough to turn from the wheelchair and sit on the edge of the bed. Then he helped her to move to the center of the bed with her legs resting on the towels.

While Marina was looking at her leg and thinking how awfully ugly it was Jack was getting the magic oil he was going to use to clean the dead skin from her leg. Marina laid back on the bed with a pillow under here head while Jack began to massage the oil into the skin of her leg. Before long she was asleep.

After half an hour of massaging the oil into her leg, the dead skin was gone. Marina woke just in time to see a radiantly pink color coming to her leg. Marina sat up, looked at her leg and said, “Wow Jack, that really looks nice, but look at all the dark hair all over it.”

“Yes my dear, and if you will just give me a few more minutes, it will all be gone.”

Jack got a towel that had been soaking in warm water. He wrapped her leg from her hip to her toes. Marina smiled and said, “You don’t know how nice that feels. You can leave that on for the rest of the afternoon if you want.”

A few minutes passed as the warmth of the towel dissipated. Jack removed it and placed shaving cream over her leg. Then he began to slowly and cautiously shave her leg from her ankle to her hip. When he was finished he rubbed her leg with baby oil while Marina laid back with her eyes closed and a smile on her pretty face.

Jack began to massage the ball of her foot. “You can do that for the rest of the day,” she said with a pleasant grin.

“Would you like for me to give you a pedicure and put polish on your nails?” Jack asked while knowing the answer would be

Jack began by trimming the nails of her left foot, then he filed them to a smooth, rounded shape before putting pink polish on them. “Would you like for me to also file and polish the nails on your casted foot?”

Marina wiggled her toes as best as she could in within the restrictions of the cast. “Would you please,” she responded.
When Jack was finished taking care of her leg and nails Marina sat up. She extended her arms while saying, “Come here, I want to thank you.”

When Jack stepped to her, Marina reached out and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She pulled his face to hers and began to kiss his lips. She whispered in his ear, “Jack, please go over and lock the door.”
When Jack returned she lifted the skirt above her waist again and said, “Jack, I think that it is time for you to make love to me. After all, you never have when I wasn’t spread eagled with those casts on both legs. Now it is time to see what it is like when one of the casts is gone.”

Jack unbuttoned the front of the blouse she was wearing and helped her remove it from her shoulders. Then, while standing in front of her with his face pressed against her large breasts, he reached around behind her to unfasten the bra strap. As the bra fell from her love mounds, Jack took the opportunity to place his mouth over her left nipple. He gently sucked on it before tickling her nipple with the tip of his tongue while Marina wrapped her arms around his head, pressing his face even harder against her breast.

When he came up for air, Marina said, “Wonderful Jack, now kiss me on my lips.”

After a long and passionate kiss to her lips Jack refocused his attention to the skirt Marina had wrapped around her waist. He unfastened the waistband and worked it down to the top of her hips. Marina laid back so Jack could pull the skirt off of her hips and down her legs before placing it in the wheelchair beside the bed. Then he stood back and admired his wonderful catch lying before him while remembering that it had just been a couple of days since that wonderfully shaped body was wrapped from armpit to toes in that hard yellow cocoon of fiberglass that prevented her from moving a muscle. Oh how wonderful that memory had been.

Now he was faced with seeing that beautiful body completely naked except for the yellow fiberglass prison on her right leg from her hip to her toes. He could hardly wait to make love to her. Marina was watching the expression on his face as his eyes passed from her pretty face to her large rounded breasts with large, erect nipples and to her flat stomach. She could see that his eyes paused for a moment as they passed from her stomach to the little bush of dark hair that had been partly covered while she was in the body cast. His eyes continued down her legs, pausing briefly at the top of the cast on her right leg before continuing to follow the sculptured shape of the cast on her leg all the way to her toes sticking out of the end of her cast.

“Are you enjoying what you see?” Marina asked with a slight giggle.

For a fleeing moment Jack felt an embarrassed flush flash across his face like the young schoolboy who had just been caught by his teacher peeking up her skirt. “I am loving every inch of you!” he responded with a grin.

Marina reached her arms out and motioned with her fingers while saying, “Well then, aren’t you going to do something about it?”

Wednesday, April 26, Dear Diary:
Jack just left for the evening after making love to me. It was the first time that I haven’t had a cast on both legs. Although my leg is still very stiff, it was wonderful to be able to try to wrap it over his back while we made love. I am looking forward to his arrival in the morning because he is going to take me to physical therapy. Our plan is for him to learn what exercises I need and then he can help me with them so I can get out of here sooner. In the meantime Dear Diary, I am going to have the first night of sleep since my accident without my legs spread wide apart and I am going to enjoy it.

Thursday morning as soon as breakfast was over, Jack came to Marina’s room. “Hi good looking,” he said while walking over to give her a kiss, “are you ready for your first therapy treatment?”

Marina wrapped her arms around him, holding him captive long enough to say, “My dear Jack, I want to thank you for helping me with my leg yesterday, but above all, thank you for making love to me, it was wonderful.”

Jack didn’t know what to say so he just said, “OK, lets get you dressed and in that wheelchair so we can get you down to therapy.”

Marina pointed to a pair of white shorts and a yellow top lying on a chair next to the bed. “If you give me those things I can get dressed.”

As Jack was handing them to her he said, “If I give these to you, can I help you put them on?”
“What do you think,” she answered with a wink.

Jack didn’t miss an opportunity to run his hand over her naked breasts, and momentarily stopping to play with the erect nipple of her left breast before helping her slip the yellow top over her raised arms and down over her head, bringing the bottom of it down to her waist. Then he helped her work the shorts over her casted right leg and her left foot before she stood on her weak left leg long enough to pull her shorts into place over her hips.

When she was dressed Jack helped her sit in the wheelchair for the ride down to therapy. They were met by a pleasant young woman who introduced herself as Nancy. “I understand that you have spent several months in a body cast you just got out of a few days ago and yesterday the Doctor removed a cast from your leg and freed your hips.”

Marina smiled, “Yes, and I didn’t know how stiff and sore I would be when the casts were removed.”

Nancy responded with a knowing expression, “Yes, but I think I can show you some exercises that will help. Some of them you can do here over the next few days, but your boyfriend can help you with some of the others.”

Marina glanced toward Jack. She took his hand and squeezed it in silence while she was thinking that he had already been exercising a part of her with sensual results.

“OK,” Marina said. “Anything that will help me get stronger so I can get sprung from this place. I want to get back to living my life and forget that I was ever here.”

“Well, I don’t know that I can ever make your memories disappear, but I think that I can help you get out of here and back to your regular activities, uh, that is, as much as you can do while you are still in that leg cast.”

Marina looked at Jack again. “Yes Nancy, I am ready for you to show me and Jack all that we can do to fix me up.”

Jack looked at Nancy. “Shall we get started? I am sure that Marina and I can do anything you tell us.”

CHAPTER 10 - Do I have Too?

Friday, April 28, Dear Diary:
I am sorry Dear Diary that I didn’t write anything last night but you can’t believe how exhausted I was when I got out of physical therapy. Between Nancy showing Jack the different exercises she wanted me to do and all of the exercises that she made me do while we were down there. I’m not sure if it was because of what Nancy made me do, or if it was just because I hadn’t moved many of those muscles since I was placed in that horrible cast after my accident, but I hurt all over.

I was so tired that I just asked Jack to please help me into bed. I didn’t even ask him to make love to me before he left. I slept so soundly that I didn’t realize how late it was until I heard Jack pounding on my door this morning. Dear Diary, I have to go now because Jack is here.

“How are you feeling this morning?” Jack asked with a radiant smile.

Marina moaned while trying to move in her bed to lay her diary on the table. “Just great, Jack. First Nancy about wears me out with all of those leg lifts and set-up exercises, and then, you start trying to help me by bending my left leg. God Jack, I am so sore that I can’t even talk without it hurting.”

Jack walked over and bent down to place a kiss on her lips. “Oh now Honey, having an attitude like that isn’t going to get you out of this place. What do you say if you hop into the wheelchair and we go for a little walk outside?”

After Jack helped Marina put on a top and a pair of shorts he lifted her casted right leg and helped her turn in the bed and move so her legs were extending over the edge. Then he held onto her arm while she slipped off of the edge of the bed and stood on her shaky left leg while he helped her turn around so she could be seated in the wheelchair. He gave her a pair of crutches while saying, “Here, I don’t expect that you will be wanting to use these, but who knows, you may.”

As he pushed her down the hallway to the exit of the building he said, “I think you need to get outside for a few minutes. Maybe it will make you feel better.”

Jack pushed her through the parking lot to a shady area next to some bushes. He parked the wheelchair and took the crutches from Marina. “Would you like to get out of the wheelchair and just sit on the curb and enjoy the shade for a few minutes?”
Marina looked around before looking back at Jack, “Sure, why not. Maybe if I do that, it will bring back some pleasant memories and help me forget about the accident for a few minutes.”

Jack helped her from the chair and to the curb. While Marina was sitting there with the cool breeze blowing through her long brunette hair, she began to think about what life was like before the accident. “Jack, I know that we had just met and dated only a couple of times before this happened, but tell me, would you still be my boyfriend if this hadn’t happened?”

Jack hadn’t really thought about why he was still seeing Marina. He had to do some fast thinking before he could answer. “Uh, sure,” he reached out and took her hand. “I know that we didn’t really become one until after the accident but it didn’t have anything to do with my interest in you.”

“How can I be sure of that Jack?”

“Marina, I love you. I have told you that before, but I mean it, I love you, and it doesn’t have anything to do with your accident.”

“So, you weren’t feeling sorry for me since I was in that big cast and couldn’t move?”

“Marina, the cast didn’t have anything to do with me being interested in you.”

“How about making love to me? Jack, did you like it when I was in the cast and couldn’t move, I mean, was my cast a turn on for you?”

“Your cast was certainly and interesting part of what you were. I know that you couldn’t see yourself in the mirror but all I could do was look at the shape of that cast and think to myself, what a gorgeous figure there must be underneath that prison of hard fiberglass.”

“Did you fantasize about my body? Uh, I mean, did you wonder what I looked like under the cast?”

Jack could feel his face becoming flushed. He wasn’t enjoying the direction the conversation was going but he didn’t know how to redirect it. “Fanaticize? Marina, I don’t think that I ever did do that.”

Marina reached out and placed her hand on his arm. “Jack, just tell me, were you disappointed when the Doctor finally took the cast off and you could see for yourself?”

Jack turned and leaned forward placing a kiss to her lips. “Marina, what I saw was a work of art. No I wasn’t disappointed. Your body is a beautiful and sensual form that any woman would love to have and any man would be proud to be in love with.”
Marina reached over and pulled his face back to hers. She kissed him before saying, “I think that it is time for you to Push back to my room and lock the door.”

Jack spent the next two hours with Marina locked in her room before it became time for her next bout with Nancy, the physical therapist. The closer the time grew to going down to meet her, the more apprehensive Marina became. A few minutes before it was time for Jack to wheel her down, she looked up at him with tears streaming down her face. “What’s wrong, my Dear?” he asked.

“I don’t want to go down there anymore.”

“Why?” Jack asked without understanding what was happening with Marina.

“It hurts,” she answered. “It hurts too much when Nancy is trying to bend my knee or make me do set-ups. I just don’t want to have to do it anymore.”

Jack moved over and sat on the bed next to her. He placed his arm around her and squeezed her close to him. “Marina my dear, I am sure that it does hurt, but you can’t get better without doing the exercises.”

“I know, but it hurts. Why can’t I put it off until tomorrow? You can massage my leg and back for me and not go down there.”

“Marina, don’t you want to hurry up and get out of here?”

‘Uh-huh,” she responded with a soft voice while tears continued to run down her cheeks.

“Well, then you need to go see Nancy. You know from just moving from the bed to the wheelchair that your left leg isn’t strong enough yet for you to use crutches and get around. Do you think she will sign the release to let you out of here if you can’t walk on your crutches?”

Marina sat quietly for nearly a minute before reaching over and turning Jack’s face to hers. She kissed his lips before saying with a soft voice, “You’re right. I want out of here so I have to go down and let her work on me.”
Jack wiped the tears from her cheeks before helping her back into the wheelchair. Marina could feel her heart rate accelerating in direct proportion to the closeness they got to the therapy room. When Jack pushed her through the door she was so apprehensive, she would have stood up out of her wheelchair and ran away if she could.

“Hello Marina, Jack, how are you doing today?” Nancy asked.
Marina broke into tears again. What’s wrong?” Nancy asked.

“I don’t want to do this,” Marina responded while sniffing back her tears.

“Why, what’s wrong,” Nancy asked again.

“It hurts too much,” Marina answered.

Nancy kneeled down in front of her and took Marina’s hand in hers. “Yes, I know that it hurts but that is because you haven’t used those muscles for so long that they are stiff and weak. No one who comes in here want’s to, but they all realize that it is just a part of getting well again. Have you tried to stand up and walk since the cast was removed from your leg?”

“Uh-huh,” Marina responded with a soft voice while looking down at the floor.
“And, what happened when you did?” Nancy continued to talk softly.
“I couldn’t. It hurt and my leg didn’t want to hold me up.”

Nancy stood and walked over to Jack. “I’ll tell you what we can do. Why don’t I show you some things that you can do with Marina this evening. We will have a light workout this afternoon and let her rest some. Later, you can give her a massage to loosen up some of her muscles and joints, then you can help her exercise some.”

Nancy turned back to Marina. “What do you think of that idea?” she asked.
After half an hour of therapy and some instructions Nancy suggested that Jack take her back to her room.

Friday, April 28, Dear Diary:
I really feel ashamed of myself for being such a big baby this afternoon with Jack and Nancy. I know that they were just trying to help me and I know that I can’t get out of here until I have gotten back in shape enough that I can use crutches by myself.
Jack was such a nice guy about all of it, and so was Nancy. After she showed Jack some stuff she let me come back to my room. Jack helped me out of the wheelchair and to bed. Then he gave me a back and leg rub along with some hot towels. They really felt good. He was so nice about it, but the best part of my therapy was when he made love to me. My Dear Diary, that was worth more than all the other therapy he gave me. I love him so much.

CHAPTER 11- My First Night Out

Friday, May 4, Dear Diary:
A lot has happened during the last week. After my embarrassing adventure with Nancy last Friday, I realized that I had to do better so Jack worked with me over the weekend and I was ready to do all that Nancy asked of me starting on Monday. I worked very hard and today I am being released from the convalescent home. I am going home for the first time since my accident in early February. Once I get home I will set down and read again, all that I have written in my Dear Diary, but for now, let me just say, freedom as around the corner.

Marina was standing on her crutches anxiously awaiting the arrival of Jack to take her home. She had been learning well from Nancy and she had been practicing with her crutches enough that she appeared to be a professional, longtime crutch user. She could keep up with anyone who challenged her to walk throughout the halls of the place where she had been staying since the sixth of March, but who was counting.

As Jack walked through her door she took four very long and fast steps on her crutches, to meet him. She leaned on her crutches and wrapped her arms around him, pulled him close and kissed his lips. “Oh Jack Honey, I was beginning to think that you weren’t coming.”

Jack looked at his watch. Then he shook his arm and held his watch to his ear while saying, “Gee, has my watched stopped or something, I thought that it was only nine-thirty.”

Marina giggled. “Oh you, you know what I mean. Now will you please check me out of here and take me home?”

“OK, but just a minute while I go get a wheelchair,” Jack said.

“NO! I want to walk out of here on my crutches,” Marina insisted.

“I’m sorry but the convalescent home manager told me that you have to be pushed out in the wheelchair. Something about insurance I guess.”

“Well, if that is the only way,” Marina said while waiting for Jack to return with the wheelchair.

Jack held the chair while Marina backed up to it, removed her crutches and sat down in it. After checking her out of the place, Jack pushed her to his car. She stood on her left foot while Jack opened the passenger side front door. Marina turned and sat on the edge of the seat. Then Jack bent down, placed his hands around her ankles and lifted her legs while she turned them into the car.

On the way home Marina looked out the window. “Jack, I can’t believe this is happening. I am finally out of there and going back to my apartment.”

“You know that no one has been in your apartment since I was there shortly after you were in the hospital.”

“Yes, but why are you reminding me?” Marina asked without thinking about the fact it had been over three months.

“Well, I did do the dishes and clean the place up some when I was there,” Jack answered, “but it has been vacant for a long time. Don’t be surprised if it is a little dusty.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Marina giggled. “I am sure that I will have a plenty of time to clean it, after all,” she knocked on the knee of the cast on her right leg, “I will be in this thing for several more weeks and I can’t go back to work until it is gone.”
Jack parked in front of Marina’s apartment. He helped her out of the car, onto her crutches and to her apartment door. She stood by while he used her key to open the door. When she stepped inside the apartment tears began to well up in her big, dark eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Jack asked.

“Nothing,” she sniffed back. “I’m just so happy to be home at last.”

Friday, May 4, Dear Diary:
I have had a big day but I wanted to write a few thoughts before I go to bed. It was so wonderful that Jack has been helping me through all of this that I just can’t thank him enough. And, his love making while I was in that body cast was wonderful.
He offered to stay and help me get things together this evening but I told him that I just wanted to savor my moments alone and that I would see him later. He is going to take me to a fancy French restaurant tomorrow night. My Dear Diary, I can’t hardly wait, I am going to get really dressed up for the occasion.

Marina stayed in bed for an extra hour before getting up on Saturday morning. While lying there she was going over in her mind all the things she needed to do before Jack picked her up to go to the restaurant. There was the hot bath, then the dress and stocking and, well… there were just a lot of things to do.

While learning that it wasn’t easy to juggle plates with food on them and use crutches at the same time, she fixed herself some breakfast. After eating she cleaned around the house until time to get ready.

She placed a plastic bag over her casted right leg and drew herself a hot bubble bath. It had been so long since she had enjoyed the relaxation of the warm water that she nearly fell asleep in the bathtub.

She shaved her left leg while remembering how gently Jack had done the same thing a week or so ago right after she got her leg out of the cast. She wished that he were there again because it was much more enjoyable when he did it.
After her bath she removed the plastic bag from her casted leg and renewed the polish on her toenails. She had a set of new sheer nylon, black underwear that she had been saving for a special occasion. She slipped the bikini panties over her casted foot and up her leg before placing her left leg through the hole. She stood on her left foot while pulling her panties into place.
Marina stood in front of a mirror and looked at her large breasts unbridled and standing firm and erect. She cupped them in her hands while remembering how Jack had fondled them enough while they were covered by her cast, that there was no dead skin on them when they were finally revealed to the world again.

After admiring here wonderful love mounds for a few seconds she secured them in a black bra with straps over her shoulders. While still standing she wrapped a black garter belt around her waist and fastened it. Then she hopped on her left foot, over to the edge of the bed and sat down. She removed a new black nylon stocking from a package and began to work the film of thin, sheer nylon over her fingers before lifting her foot. She worked the sensuous fabric over her toes allowing the pink of her newly polished nails to be seen through the nude toe of the stocking. She pulled the silky smooth fabric over her rounded heel, up her shapely calf and over her rounded knee. She worked the reinforced top of the black nylon to the top of her leg before attaching it to the garters streaming down the front and back of her upper left thigh.

Marina stood on her crutches in front of a mirror and looked at her shapely body no longer held rigid with her legs spread eagled in the fiberglass cast from her armpits to her toes. “Wow, if this doesn’t grab Jack, nothing will,” she thought while admiring her wonderful breasts, hips and long left leg in the sheerest of black nylon accenting her every shape and form.
She walked to her closet and removed a black dress with elbow length sleeves. She slipped it on and zipped it up before standing in front of the mirror again. The plunging neckline allowed the cleavage of her large breasts to become the focal point for any man who stood in front of her. The bottom of the dress extended to the center of her knees, allowing her beautifully dressed left leg to be admirably displayed for anyone who wished to look while the yellow fiberglass cast on her right leg still provided an atmosphere of wonderment for any gentleman who saw it.

When she was finished dressing she rolled her hair into a French roll on the back of her head before applying a light tough of makeup to her face and lips. Just before Jack arrived she slipped a three inch heeled black sandal on her small left foot.
When Jack rang the doorbell Marina said with a confident voice, “Please Jack, come in.”
When he opened the door, she was standing in front of it with a wide smile that nearly stopped Jack’s heart. “My god Marina, you are beautiful tonight.”

Jack was so mesmerized by Marina’s beautiful dress and her wonderful body that he could hardly keep his hands off of her as he drove them to the restaurant. While they were waiting for their dinner to be served, his hands were slowly working their way up her left leg drenched in nylon, to her panties. She smiled and said with a wink, “Jack, that is just for you, but not until after we have finished eating and you help me to the dance floor.”

Sunday, May 6, Dear Diary:
Jack and I had the most wonderful evening together. It was my first time to get dressed up since the accident and I really enjoyed it. I am sure that Jack enjoyed it also because he couldn’t keep his hands off of me. When we got home I invited him to stay all night with me. He helped me get undressed to candle light with soft romantic music playing, then he made love to me. I think that it was as intense as the first time we made love while I was in that body cast.

Before he left for home this morning he made breakfast and brought it to me in bed. Dear Diary, I think that I have died and gone to heaven.

CHAPTER 12- A New Short Leg Cast

Wednesday, June 8, Dear Diary:
It has been six weeks since the Doctor put this big yellow fiberglass cast on my leg from my toes to my hip, but today Jack and I are going to see him again. Dear Diary, I am finally going to be rid of my cast.

Marina was waiting for Jack with great anticipation when he knocked upon her door. She walked to the door on her crutches, opened it and stepped back while jack stepped inside. He wrapped his arms around her wonderful body dressed in a tank top and shorts. He placed a long and very passionate kiss to her lips before he said, “Hello beautiful, looks like you are ready to go get that cast off of your leg.”

Marina held tightly to jack while she looked into his eyes. Her big dark eyes were dancing as she giggled and said, “Yes, I will be free at last.”

Jack asked, “Do we have time for a little trip to the bedroom before we go?”
Marina glanced at here watch. She responded with a wide smile, “I wish we did but it will just have to wait until we get back from seeing the Doctor. Then you can bath and shave my leg and make it feel all better before we do that.”
“You have a deal,” Jack answered.

While on the way to the Doctor’s office Jack asked, “Are you sure that the Doctor will take the cast off?”
“Jack, I’m not even going to go there, he has to take it of. If he doesn’t I think I will take one of these crutches and beat him over his head with it.”

“Gee Honey, you don’t have to get excited about it. I am sure he will take it off. I was just asking!”
“Well, he had better,” Marina continued.

When they entered the Doctor’s office they were met by a pretty young woman who told them that the Doctor would be ready for them in a few minutes. Shortly the Doctor stepped into the waiting room. He smiled while looking toward Marina. “Well, young lady, I am ready for you. If you will just come in and get up on the table so I can examine your cast and take another x-ray of your leg.

With the comment about another x-ray, Marina’s heart began to beat wildly. She began to remember back to how every time the Doctor took a x-ray there was another cast. “X-ray Doctor? You are going to do that again?”
“Sure Marina, it doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“Well, of course not. It is just that…”

“Here Marina, let me help you up on this table,” the Doctor said as he interrupted her statement.
Before she could say anything else the Doctor had maneuvered the portable x-ray machine into place. He said, “Don’t move,” as he stepped back behind the lead shield. A couple of minutes later he was back at Marina’s side with the tool she recognized as the cast cutter.

Her heart began to beat with delight. “So, you really are going to take this cast off?” she said more as a question than a statement.

He smiled, “Yes, aren’t you happy?”

“Delighted. Finally I am going to get my leg back, right?” she finished her statement with a question.

“Well, sort of…” the Doctor responded.

“Sort of, just what do you mean by that?” Marina asked with a raised voice while she could envision another cast on her leg from her toes to her hip.

The Doctor cleared his throat before responding. “Marina, your leg is healing very nicely but…”
Marina felt a wave of adrenaline flush over her like cold water. She knew that “but” was not a good thing. “BUT, Doctor, just what do you mean by saying but?”

“I’m sorry Marina, I know that you have had your heart set on getting out of the cast, but I am afraid that I am going to have to put a new cast on your leg.”

Marina felt tears welling up in her big dark eyes. “Oh not Doctor, please. I won’t walk on my leg if you will just not put another cast on it.”

“Sorry Marina, but I have to, but this time it will be a cast just up to your knee. That way you can still bend your knee which should make it a little better to get around with.”

Marina looked toward Jack through her tear filled eyes. He stepped over and took hold of her hand. “It will be OK,” he tried to reassure her.

As the Doctor stepped toward the cabinet containing his casting materials he said, “Marina, how about a red cast this time?”
She sniffed back her tears enough to respond. “OK, maybe red will make it a little more fun to wear.”

While the Doctor was applying the cast to Marina’s lower right leg and foot he said, “Now, you will have to use crutches and not walk on this for a couple of weeks, then you can start using a cast shoe and walk on it with crutches.”

Marina looked at Jack. She sniffed back her tears and gave a small smile while Jack was stroking her right hand. She said, “Well, I guess that is better than the cast I was in.”

When the Doctor had finished with her cast, Jack helped Marina to the car and drove her home. On the way she asked, Jack, “How would you like to help me clean up my leg, you know, the part that was under the old cast?”

Jack looked at her with a side grin. “I thought you would never ask.”

Jack helped her out of the car and onto her crutches. While walking her to her door she commented, “I can’t believe how stiff my knee is. I can’t hardly bend it and it hurts when I try.”

“When we get inside, I’ll wrap it in a hot moist towel for a few minutes, maybe that will help.”

Marina looked at jack with her big dark eyes pleading, “Will you, please?”

Marina sat on a chair in the kitchen while Jack wrapped her upper leg and knee in the hot towel. After a few minutes he rubbed some of the magic oil into her skin. Once her leg was clean he shaped her upper leg and thigh. When he finished Marina reached out and pulled his face to hers. She placed a passionate kiss to his lips while whispering, “Thank you, but now I want you to rub something else.”

Jack lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He carefully removed her clothes while stopping several times to marvel at the wonderful female figure lying before him. Jack spent her first night in her short leg cast with her.

Thursday, June 9, Dear Diary:
I was really disappointed yesterday when the Doctor put this new cast on. I was sure that I would be finished with casts when he took the long leg cast off, but no, he had to put me in another cast. I guess the bright side is that he said I can start walking on it some in a couple of weeks.

Jack, oh how Jack has been so nice to look after me. How he helped me clean up my leg, and then he made love to me before staying all night with me, oh Dear Diary, I love him so much.

Saturday evening Jack was going to take Marina to the movies. She spent the afternoon showering and shaving her left leg and what of he right leg that wasn’t still covered by the fiberglass prison of a cast from her toes to her knee. While working on her leg she marveled at how quickly she was beginning to bend her knee. It was still painful and she couldn’t bent it as well as before the accident, but at least she was now going to be able to get in and out of Jack’s car without having to nearly slide across the seat in order to get her leg in the car.

When Jack arrived Marina was wearing a skirt and blouse with her long dark hair combed straight down. Her left leg was bare of a nylon stocking or shoe. She met him at her door on her crutches. She wrapped her arms around him, pulled his lips to hers and kissed him with a long and very passionate kiss. When they separated their lips Jack said, “Marina, my dear, if you do that again I don’t think we will be going to the movies for a while.”

She stepped back on her crutches and smiled. “And, jus why not?” she asked with a dancing shine to her big dark eyes.
“Because I will grab you up in my arms and carry you to the bedroom right now.”

“Why Jack? What did you have in mind?”

“I will love you nearly to death, what do you think of that?” he responded with a wide grin.

“Well, I think that I want you to do that, but first, you promised to take me to the movies, and I am going to hold you to it.” Then she looked down to her left foot. “Jack, would you like to help me with my shoe?” she asked while stepping on her crutches to the sofa. She sat down and handed Jack a two inch heeled sandal.

Jack took the shoe in his left hand while kneeling down in front of her. He lifted her left foot off the floor and gently slipped the shoe on her small foot. He looked up and said, “A wonderful selection of a shoe my dear.”

“Thank you, I thought you would like it,” she giggled. She looked at her watch and said, “Gosh Jack, I’m afraid that we have spent so much time here that the movie has already started. What if you take me down to McDonalds for a Big Mac, then we can hurry back here and you can finish what you promised to do to me a few minutes ago?”

CHAPTER 13- Her First Steps

Thursday, June 23, Dear Diary:
Well, two weeks have passed since the Doctor put me in this red cast from my toes to my knee. He told me that after two weeks I could start walking on it with a cast shoe. Jack is coming over in a few minutes and I am going to have him help me put it on. I am so excited because I will finally get to walk on my leg for the first time since the accident.

Marina was standing at the door on her crutches when Jack knocked. She opened the door, stepped back and held her arms open while leaning on her crutches. He stepped into her arms, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately.

He stepped away while his eyes traveled from her pretty face down her wonderful body in a black sleeveless blouse to a short red, black and white checkered skirt that barely came to the middle of her thighs. As his eyes traveled downward his memory was flashing back to how wonderful the hourglass shape of her body had been captured and accented in her full body cast. And then there were her gorgeously shaped long legs. Their shape had also been captured in the fiberglass casts that had held them ridged and spread eagled with that stick molded between them. He was certain that the Doctor hadn’t intended to make it so convenient for them to have sex while she was in that big hard prison of a cast.

He was so concentrating upon his memories that Marina had to say, “Jack, calling Jack back to the real world. What are you doing?”

Jack could feel his face becoming flushed. “Uh, oh, I was just remembering how wonderfully sexy you were in that big o’ body cast.”

“Oh, and I guess that means that you don’t think that I am sexy now?”

Jack could really feel his face turning red. He stepped back into Marina’s arms. “Uh, no my Dear, uh, I mean yes, uh, I mean,” he was becoming so confused that he wasn’t sure how to answer her. Finally he just pulled her lips to his and gave her a big kiss.
She giggled, “I know Jack, but I just had to tease you a little. Now, I want you to help me put on this new cast shoe. You remember that the Doctor told me I could start walking with it after two weeks.”

Jack looked toward the sofa where he saw it lying on the floor. “OK,” he responded while walking over to pick it up.
Marina walked over to the sofa, removed her crutches from under her arms and sat sown.

Jack kneeled down in front of her. He reached down and placed his right hand around the ankle of her cast. He bend down while lifting her casted foot to his face where he placed a kiss to the tip of her big toe. He looked up at Marina who was beginning to giggle. “Oh Jack, that is so cute of you. You must be worshiping my casted foot.”

“Well, worshiping, no, but I have enjoyed you being in a cast.” As soon as he said the last word he knew that he had just said something that he was going to have to explain his way out of because it had sounded like he was glad that she had been in the casts.

“You have been enjoying me being in all of these cast?” Marina asked with a raised voice. “What do you mean? Is that why you have been telling me that you love me, just so you can have sex with me while I am casted?”

Jack could feel his face becoming crimson. “Uh Marina, uh, I, uh, I didn’t mean it the way that it sounded. I…”

“What do you mean, you didn’t mean it the way that it sounded? You just told me that you enjoyed me being in all of those casts and now you are trying to say that you didn’t?”

Jack held up his hands. “Marina, please, all that I was trying to say was that the casts have given us both an opportunity to explore our desires a little differently.”

“Explore our desires differently? Really Jack?”

“Marina, didn’t you enjoy having sex while you were in the body cast?”

“Well, uh, yes,” Marina answered with a soft voice. She thought in silence for a few seconds before continuing, “Well, Jack, I guess I see your point, but the way that you said it, well, I just wasn’t thinking.”

Jack stood and bent down while Marina turned her face upward. Jack wrapped his arms around her shoulders and placed a kiss to her lips. “Forgiven?” he asked.

“Forgiven,” Marina responded. “Now will you help me with the cast shoe?”
Jack kneeled back down and placed the cast shoe over the red cast on he right foot, then he lifted her foot to his face again and kissed her big toe before looking back up at Marina who was beginning to giggle. She reached for a two inch heeled sandal and handed it to Jack. “Now, if you will help me with my shoe, please!”

Jack took the shoe in his left hand while placing his hand around her left ankle. As he was getting ready to lift her foot from the floor he had a rapid flashback to when that wonderful leg and foot was also in the yellow fiberglass prison. He started to make another comment about how sensual her leg was in the cast, but quickly caught himself. In stead, he lifted her foot to his face and kissed her big toe while Marina was giggling.

Jack placed the sandal on her small foot and fastened the strap around her ankle before saying, “That is the most beautiful shoe I have ever seen.”

Marina lifted her foot and turned her ankle around while saying, “Yeah, I thought so too when I bought it. Too bad I can’t wear them both yet.”

When they were finished with the small talk about Marina’s feet, she stood on her left foot and placed her crutches under her arms. Then she put a small amount of weight on her right foot in the cast. As she did, she felt a sensation like thousands of needles poking in her foot and ankle. With the pain her face developed a frown obvious to Jack.

“What’s wrong, Honey?” Jack asked while stepping close to her.

Marina smiled a painful grin while saying, “I guess it isn’t going to be that easy. My ankle and knee hurt when I try to stand on it.”

“Well, maybe if you just walk lightly on it for a while it will be better.”

“Yeah, you are probably right,” Marina responded while taking a few light steps on her right foot while continuing to lean on her crutches.

After a few minutes walking around inside her apartment Marina looked at Jack. “I think I can manage if you would like to take me out to the mall for a few minutes.”

Jack helped her into the car and drove them to the mall. When Marina got out of the car she placed her crutches under her arms while taking light steps on her casted foot. After a few minutes of walking through the mall Marina stopped. She leaned on her crutches while gently standing on her cast. “I’m hungry,” she proclaimed.

Jack looked around. “How about over there?” he said while pointing across the mall to a restaurant.

“OK,” Marina said before following Jack. When the entered the restaurant, they were shown to a small table in a dark corner. Jack helped Marina to be seated before sitting across from her. While they waited for their meal, Marina rested her casted foot between Jack’s legs on the edge of his chair. Jack massaged her toes while Marina smiled. “You know Jack, I will get this cast off in another month, will you be happy for me?”

“Of course I will. I know that it has been awful for you to have been in all of those casts, and I am just very happy that it is finally coming to an end for you.”

“But, you have enjoyed me being in them, haven’t you?” she asked with a devilish smile.

“Well,” Jack took a deep breath. “I have to say that sex with you has been fun with the casts, but how about you? I mean, did you enjoy sex while in the casts?”

“Of course, Jack. Why do you think that I have been propositioning you so much, it I didn’t enjoy it?”
After lunch, Jack helped Marina back onto her crutches. They walked around the mall for another short while before she said that her leg was getting tired and that she was ready to go home.

When Marina and Jack got back to her apartment she invited him in. She told him to be seated while she went to her bedroom to change clothes. A few minutes later she walked from her bedroom without her crutches. She was wearing a thin nylon robe and her cast, with nothing else. She turned around rapidly causing her black nylon robe to fly open. “Well, Jack, what do you think of me being able to walk without my crutches?”

Jack was so fascinated with what Marina was, or wasn’t wearing that he didn’t even hear her question. He stood, walked over to her, wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her lips with a passion that he hadn’t displayed for a while.
She wrapped her arms around his waist and returned his kisses. “Jack, please carry me to my bedroom,” she whispered.

Thursday, June 23, Dear Diary:
This has been a really exciting day. First, I let Jack put my cast shoe on and then he watched me take my first steps on my leg since the accident back in February. Then he took me to the bedroom where we celebrated. I can’t hardly wait for the next month to pass so I can finally get this cast off, Dear Diary that is going to be a real celebration.

CHAPTER 14- Just Marina No Casts

Thursday, July 21, Dear Diary:
Well, my Dear Diary, today is the day. Jack is going to take me to the Doctor and he is going to take off this red cast, and I will finally be free again.

Marina was standing on her casted right foot in her cast shoe when Jack came to her door. She opened the door and stepped into his arms with a long and very passionate kiss.

Jack stepped back and looked at his beautiful girlfriend wearing shorts with a short sleeved blouse and a low heeled sandal on her left foot. “Well, are you ready to go get that cast off?” he asked while knowing that Marina had been counting the days for the last six weeks.

“I can’t hardly wait,” she responded with a smile that covered her entire face.

They had barely gotten to the Doctor’s office when he asked them into the examination room. The Doctor smiled, “How’s the leg?” he asked before saying, “Marina, I will take an x-ray, then we will decide what to do next.”

Marina felt her heart fall to her feet. She had been through the x-ray story so many times that she just knew that it meant another six weeks in her cast. After the Doctor had taken the x-ray, he returned with a wide smile. “I have good news,” he responded while holding up her x-ray.

Marina wanted to respond with a comment like, “You bet, I only have to keep the cast on for another six weeks,” but she held her tongue.

The Doctor held the x-ray in front of her so she could see. “Look,” he said. “Your bones have mended, I am going to take your cast off.”

Marina looked at Jack while tears of joy began to fill her big dark eyes. Jack returned her smile with one of his own while stepping over and wrapping his arms around her shoulders. “Wow Marina, that is great news.”

As the Doctor picked up the cast cuter he said, “Now Marina, since you haven’t been able to move your ankle for so long, it will be very stiff and probably a little sore when you start to walk on it. I am going to fit you with a thing called a cam walker. It is a hard plastic boot that you can remove when you want to. You can wear it for a couple of weeks while your leg is returning to normal. When you don’t have it on, you should wrap your leg in an elastic bandage for the next couple of weeks, otherwise it will probably swell which will be painful.”

When the Doctor was finished removing her cast she looked at her leg. “Oh god Jack, look how shriveled up and hairy it is.”
Jack looked into Marina’s eyes, “Yes, and when we get you home we will use some of that magic oil to clean it with then I will shave all of that ugly hair off for you.”

Marina left the Doctor’s office walking on her cam walker. As soon as they got back to Marina’s apartment she invited Jack to her bedroom. She had him spread a towel on the center of her bed, then she sat with her right leg on top of the towel. She looked up at Jack. “Would you please take this thing off of my foot for me so you can help me clean my leg?”

Jack reached down and unbuckled the straps at the front of her leg, holding the cam walker snuggly on her foot. He gently removed her leg and foot from the cam walker and laid it on the towel before setting the cam walker aside and out of the way. He wrapped her leg and foot in a towel soaked in warm water for a few minutes before he got the magic oil. He removed the towel and rubbed the oil into the dead skin on he leg. After cleaning her leg he shaved all the hair from it. When he was finished shaving her leg he wrapped it in an elastic bandage like the Doctor had told them to do.

Marina sat up in bed and reached her arms out while saying, “Jack, come here.” She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulled his face to hers and began to kiss him with a new level of passion. “Jack, please help me take my clothes off and then I want you to love me almost to death.”

Saturday, August 6, Dear Diary:
I have been planning this day for the last week. Jack doesn’t know it but I have been practicing walking without the cam walker for the last few days and I have also been going without the elastic bandage at night. He has promised to take me to a fancy restaurant and then to a movie this evening. My Dear Diary, I can already see the smile on his face when he sees me because I’m going to be wearing nylons and heels on both legs when he arrives.

Saturday afternoon Marina took a hot bath and shaved her legs. While she polished her toenails she realized that her lower right leg was still smaller that her left leg, but it was definitely filling out again as the muscles became stronger and more flexible.
When she was finished she put on a pair of black bikini panties before sitting on the edge of the bed while she gathered a sheer black nylon stocking over her fingers and worked it over her freshly painted toes and her small foot, over her heel and up her calf before pulling the sensual fabric over her rounded knee. She pulled the top of the thigh-hi stocking to the top of her left leg before repeating the process with her right leg.

When she was finished dressing her long, shapely legs she stood and fastened a black, strapless bra over her sensually large breasts. Then she put on an elbow length sheer black blouse and buttoned the front up to her bra. She stepped into a black, slim-line knee length shirt with a slit up the left side almost to the top of her nylon stocking.

After combing her long, brunette hair and applying a light coat of make-up she selected a pair of three inch heeled black sandals. At first she thought she would give Jack the thrill of putting them on her small feet and fastening the straps around her ankles, but she decided to put them on and be standing at the door when he arrived.

At the first knock at her door she opened it and stood back while Jack’s eyes swept her beauty from the top of her head down. When his eyes focused upon her legs in her black nylons with both of her feet in shoes his face broke into a wide smile. “Beautiful, just wonderfully beautiful,” he said before stepping through the door and embracing her with a long, passionate kiss.
“Well Jack, what do you think?” she asked. “Are you surprised that I have shoes on both feet?”

“Oh yes, and they are gorgeous,” he responded with a level of enthusiasm that Marina was sure was going to lead to a wonderful round of love making when they returned from the movie.

While they were eating Jack said, “Marina, I just can’t believe it. It seems so long ago that you were in that accident and that body cast.”

“Yes, me too. But the longest part of it was having to lie in that body cast for so many weeks. I just don’t know how I could have made it if it hadn’t been for you.”

“Oh Honey,” Jack said while reaching out for her hand. “You don’t know how sorry I felt for you, but I hope that I helped you pass the time away.”

“Jack, you can’t even guess how much I looked forward each day to you coming by and making love to me. You know, for me, there was something special about making love while confined in that cast so I couldn’t move, and that just really made it different.”

“Yeah, I think that it made it different for me too. But then when you got that big cast off and you could get up and around with the long leg cast, gosh Marina, that was beautiful also.”

“Jack, I need to ask you a question, are you going to still love me since I am no longer wearing a cast?”
“Marina, My Dear, I love you in or out of your casts. I have to admit that your casts were a great turn on and wonderful with our love making but it is really you and not your casts that I was interested in.”

Marina leaned over the small table while pulling Jack’s face closer. She kissed him on the lips before saying, “Oh than you Jack, because I was afraid that you were only interested in me because on the casts.”

After they finished eating Jack took Marina to the theater where they watched a movie. Then he took her back to her apartment. She invited him in and said, “Jack, I have a bottle of wine for us to celebrate with, but first, would you like to help me remove my shoes?”

She sat on the couch while Jack kneeled down in front of her. As he removed the shoe from her left foot he lifted her big toe to his lips and kissed it. He repeated the sensual act with her right foot while Marina laid back and smiled. “Jack, if you don’t stop that, we aren’t going to get to the wine before you get to something else.”

He looked up with a wide smile and said, “Yes, I know, but which would you rather have, the wine or me?”

Well, Jack did slow down long enough for them to share the bottle of wine first. And, If Marina ever had any doubts about Jack’s sincerity, he proved it three months later when her asked her to marry him.

- The End-

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