Lindie: Orthotech

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1  -  The Cast

Lindie, a beautiful young woman with long brunette hair that flowed like water down her back nearly to her bra line was hastily getting ready for her first real job interview. She was in the final phase of her education to become a nurse. She had attended a job fair where she, along with her classmates had been interviewed and filled out job application forms. Now at three weeks before graduation she was about to go for her interview to work in an Orthopedic Surgeons office.

While she dressed in a knee length tan skirt with a white blouse and a matching tan jacket she was recalling how nice and polite Doctor Wadsworth was while talking with her at the job fair. Wanting to make just the right impression, she put on a pair of beige sandalfoot nylon stockings attached to a garterbelt and a pair of tan sandals with a two-inch heel.

As she was driving to Doctor Wadsworth’s office she was hoping that he would give her a job. A couple of her classmates had already been hired at the local hospital as nurses but she really didn’t want to work in a hospital. She thought it would be more enjoyable to work with people in an office atmosphere, but she hadn’t planned on getting a job with an Orthopedic Surgeon. In fact, she wasn’t sure just what the job would be, but the Doctor was so nice she didn’t really care what he wanted her to do as long as it was in his office.

When she entered the office she was met by another young woman who was probably only a year or so older than her. She too had blond hair flowing past her shoulders. She was very pretty with big dark eyes. There was also another woman in the office. She was a very pretty Latino with brunette hair nearly to her bra line in the back. Lindie estimated her to be in her late twenties. She was very busily looking after a patient who was wearing a cast on his arm. As Lindie approached the younger woman she extended her right hand while saying, “Hello, I’m Lindie and I have come for a job interview.”
The younger woman extended her right hand while saying, “Hi, I’m Mallory,” then she pointed to the other woman and said, “and, she is Larissa.”

Larissa turned to Lindie and smiled. “Nice to meet you, I will let Doctor Wadsworth know you are here.”

After a couple of minutes Doctor Wadsworth stepped from his office. He extended his right hand while greeting Lindie with a wide smile of perfect, bright white teeth. “Hello Lindie, I am happy that you could make it. Would you please come to my office?”

As Lindie shook his hand she felt a slight flutter flash through her body. She followed the Doctor to his office and waited for him to motion for her to be seated in one of two chairs a few feet apart and facing each other. “Well Lindie,” he began after both had taken a seat. “I understand that you are interested in working in my office?” His statement was really a question.

“Uh, yes,” she responded without knowing exactly what she should say. “I will be graduating in three weeks…” She stopped while her face began to turn crimson. She put her hand to her mouth while glancing toward the floor. “Oh, I’m sorry but I guess you already knew that or I wouldn’t be here now.”

“That’s OK,” Doctor Wadsworth reacted with a slight chuckle.

Lindie looked back to him. “Anyhow,” she said while trying to adjust the bottom of her skirt where it had ridden up to show the faint line where the reinforced top of her nylon stockings began. “I would like to work in a Doctor’s office because I think it would be more interesting than being a hospital nurse.”

“Why have you chosen orthopedics as the place you would like to work?”

Lindie looked down to the floor and back to the Doctor again. She cleared her throat while tugging on the bottom of her skirt once more. “Well, uh,” she said while a slight blush formed on her pretty face. “To be honest Doctor Wadsworth, uh, well, I mean, your office is the only one that called me.”

“Oh, I see. So how do you honestly feel about working with orthopedics?”

She looked into his face while thinking, “here goes, I’m not going to get this job.” She leaned forward as if she was preparing to stand while saying, “I’m sorry Doctor that I have wasted your time like this. I need to leave now.”

Doctor Wadsworth reached out and placed his hand on her arm. “No Lindie, you don’t have to leave. Now, please sit back and tell me why you want to work here? I mean, what experience have you had that makes you want to work here? Have you ever had a broken bone or worn a cast?”

“Well, we did have a week of orthopedics in nurses school. One afternoon we practiced putting casts on each other, but, uh, that is all.”

“OK Lindie, thank you for being honest. If you are willing to have one experience for me, you have a job…”

Lindie’s mind immediately homed in on the phrase “one experience for me.” “Oh lord,” she thought, “am I going to be asked to sleep with him to get a job?" She shuffled her feet, getting ready to stand to leave when the Doctor continued, “It is my requirement that all of my office help must have worm a cast for at least six weeks so they can relate to the restrictions and handicapped sensations that go with a cast. Are you willing to wear a long leg cast for six weeks? If you think that is unreasonable I assure you the other ladies in the office have done so.”

Lindie sat quietly for a half minute while she began to ask herself the job would be worth it. Since she had never actually worn a cast, other than that one afternoon in school, she wasn’t sure if she should agree. But then, she did need a job and Doctor Wadsworth did appear to be a good man to work for. Besides, she didn’t have any other offers and she would be out of school in three weeks.

She cleared her throat, “Just when do you want me to get a cast?”

“Well, if you would like to, how about today? I will put you on the payroll and you won’t have to come to work until you finish your classes in three weeks.”

Lindie looked around as if she were slightly embarrassed with her pause. “OK, I will do it,” she responded.

“Good. I will have Larissa help you. She is my most experienced Orthotech, that is, uh what your job title will be, Orthotech.”

Lindie was still unsure what she was getting herself into as she stood and extended her right hand to Doctor Wadsworth. “Thank you Doctor,” she said before turning to follow him to the door.

“Larissa,” he called as Lindie stepped through the door, “Would you pleas show Lindie to the cast room and help her with her cast?”

Larissa looked at Lindie with a smile. “Sure Doctor Wadsworth. I take it that she is coming to work for us and you want her to have the usual experience?”

“Yes, she will begin her six weeks while wearing her cast for the last three weeks of school before actually beginning to work here.”

Larissa showed Lindie to the cast room. “Apparently you have never worn a cast before?” she asked while being sure of the answer.

“Uh, yes, er, I mean no I have never worn a cast before,” Lindie responded while still not completely understanding what was about to happen.

Larissa looked at Lindie standing before her. “Honey, do you understand, I am going to ask you to remove your nylon stocking and shoe and them I am going to put a cast on your leg from your toes to your hip.”

“Uh, yes, I think I do, but then it will removable, right? I mean, I can take it off to shower and relax while studying, right?”

“No honey, it will become part of you for the next six weeks. You can’t take it off and you will have to use crutches. Didn’t the Doctor explain that to you?”

A wave of panic quickly flushed through Lindie’s veins. She just hadn’t realized until now what she had agreed to. “Well, uh, I guess I hadn’t actually understood it all.”
Larissa reached out and placed her hand on Lindie’s shoulder. “Ah honey, do you want to back out of it now?”

“No, I need the job,” Lindie responded with a soft voice.

“Would it help if I told you that both Mallory and I went through the same treatment? Both of us wore a cast for six weeks on one leg from our toes to our hip. That is just something that everyone who works for Doctor Wadsworth has done. He says, and I think he is correct, that it makes us better at understanding the problems of our patients in casts if we have been there also.”

“Well, OK,” Lindie said while reaching out to hug Larissa. “That does make me feel better.”

Larissa said, “Honey, it might be better if you remove your skirt before you get up on the cast table.”

Once Lindie was sitting on the cast table, she removed her shoe and nylon stocking from her right leg. “OK honey, you can lay back on the table and relax while I apply the cast to your leg.”

As Larissa progressed with the application of the cast to Lindie’s right leg, Lindie propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch as her shapely right leg disappeared under the confines of a white fiberglass prison. “Don’t worry about how this is done for now, you will get a lot of practice once you come back to work. In the meantime just think of this as a learning experience.”

When the cast was finished Larissa helped Lindie slip her skirt back over her legs before helping her off of the cast table. Lindie stood on her left leg still in her nylon and heel while Larissa gave her a pair of crutches. After a few minutes of instruction on proper cast care and how to use crutches, Larissa escorted her back to the front office.
Mallory looked up, smiled and said, Welcome to the Wadsworth team.”

CHAPTER 2 -  Officer Jason Tidwell

Lindie slowly made her way from Doctor Wadsworth’s office to her car on her crutches. As she was wrestling with the difficulties of keeping her crutches and her stiffly casted leg away from each other she began to question whether she had made the correct decision by agreeing to have her right leg placed in the fiberglass cast. After all, the cast extended from her toes to her hip and held her knee almost straight which caused her to struggle to keep the bottom of the cast from dragging on the ground, even with a two inch heel on her left foot.

When she arrived at the side of her Mustang, she leaned on her crutches while she unlocked and opened the door. Then, it became rapidly apparent that she was going to have difficulty getting her casted leg in the car. There was the console in the center between the two front seats. Somehow she was going to have to get her stiffly casted leg inside the car, but she couldn’t just sit on the edge of the seat and lift her legs before turning them into the car like a lady in a skirt would normally do. She tried first to stand on her left foot while placing her hands under the knee of her cast, lifting it up and putting it on the floorboard of the car. That didn’t work so she moved the seat as far back as possible and sat on the edge of the seat with her feet outside the car. She scooted herself back across the seat and over the console far enough that she could lift her cast and turn her foot around onto the floorboard.

That worked well enough that she was able to get her car started and drive away while reaching her left foot over her cast to use the accelerator and brake. After almost running into another car while maneuvering her foot around her cast she decided there had to be a better way.

Lindie parked in a handicapped parking place in front of her dorm room. She had opened the door of her car and was beginning the task of lifting her casted leg out of the car when a young guy in a uniform walked up. He walked around the car as if he were looking for something. Lindie looked up, “Sir, can I help you?” she asked with a smile.
“Ma’am, have you got a handicapped permit?”

“Uh, no, uh, I, uh, as you can see, I have this cast on my leg and…”

“Yes ma’am, I see, but do you have a handicapped parking permit?”

“Well, no Officer,” she responded while looking down to her casted leg and back to him.”

“I’m sorry ma’am, but you can’t park here without a permit,” he responded with a slightly elevated voice.

Lindie looked up with a pleading look. “But Officer, I just got this cast. I am just now coming home from the Doctor’s office. Please, can I park here? Please!” Then she smiled,
“By the way, my name is Lindie, uh, what’s your name?”

“Uh, Jason, uh Officer Jason Tidwell.”

“Well Officer Tidwell, it is very nice to meet you. I don’t suppose that you would be kind enough to help me get my cast out of this car, now would you?”

Obviously Jason wasn’t expecting her response to his demands for a parking permit with an invitation to help her get her casted leg out of the car. He stood in silence for several seconds while staring down at her legs. Her skirt had scooted up her legs exposing the top of her cast and the reinforced top of her nylon stocking. He stepped forward. “Uh ma’am, what can I do?”

Lindie noticed that his attitude immediately changed when she said, “Well Officer Tidwell, if you would just put your hands around the ankle of my cast and lift that would help.” As the Jason began to lift her cast she said, "“Oh, please be careful that you don’t bump my toes into the edge of the door.”

Jason lifted her cast and maneuvered her foot away from the inside of the car while Lindie scooted herself to the edge of the seat. When her legs were safely out of the car and resting on the pavement Lindie looked up with a disarming smile. “Thank you Officer Tidwell, now if you would please help me with my crutches, I would appreciate it.”

Lindie stood on her left foot while Jason gave her the crutches. Once she was securely supported on the crutches she looked at him again with her disarming smile. “Thank you for your help, now about that parking permit, are you really going to make me have to go get one? I mean, after all, you can see that I am handicapped with this big o’l cast on my leg.”

Jason’s cheeks began to flash a crimson color. He looked down at her casted leg and back to her big dark eyes. “Uh, well, uh,” he began to respond while shuffling his feet on the pavement. “Uh, would it be alright if, uh, if I got a pass for you and uh, then, uh, we could meet, uh, and, well, uh, I could give it to you.”

“Really Officer Tidwell, would you actually do that for me?”

“Uh, well, I wouldn’t mind, uh, that is, if it would be OK with you.”

Lindie stepped forward on her crutches with a spontaneous reaction and wrapped her arms around him. After she had committed herself to the hug she realized what she was doing and quickly stepped back while saying, “Oh Officer Tidwell, I am so sorry, I don’t know why I did that.”

“Jason ma’am, please just call me Jason, and that is alright that you hugged me. Now where can we meet so I can give you the handicapped parking permit?”

“If I say, tomorrow at lunch in the Student Union will I get a ticket between now and then?”

“No ma’am, I will make sure of that,” he replied while a wide smile painted his face.

“Please, if you are going to ask me to call you Jason, I must insist that you stop calling me ma’am. My name is Lindie.”

“OK Lindie, I will see you at noon tomorrow and I will have the permit with me.”

“Great,” Lindie said before watching Jason turn and walk away with a smile on his face.
Lindie felt a flutter in her heart as she slowly began to walk toward her dorm on her crutches while thinking that Jason was kinda cute and she may enjoy having lunch with him. She was so preoccupied with her thoughts about him that she hadn’t realized that she was going to have to climb a flight of stairs on crutches to get to her dorm room.

As she approached the stairs she felt a cold chill flash through her veins as she stood at the bottom of twelve steps leading to a landing with an additional twelve steps above them to the second floor. Her first attempt was to stand in front of the first step, lift her crutches to the step and try to lift herself up. Immediately she realized that it wouldn’t work so she supported herself on her crutches while lifting her left foot to the first step, then placing her crutches on the step and lifting her self to a fully standing position. As she straightened her knee she felt her toes in her cast being drug against the face of the step.

By the time Lindie had reached the landing her hands and arms were aching from the strain. While resting on the landing she decided to try another method to finish the climb. She turned with her back to the steps and removed her crutches before sitting on one of the steps. By using her hands and left foot, she was able to lift herself and back up one step at a time to the second floor.

Lindie was so exhausted by the time she got to her room that she no longer thought of Jason. It was only her hands with blisters on them and the aching of her upper arms and shoulders that had her attention.

As soon as she entered her room she walked over and collapsed on her bed while tears formed in her eyes. “Why, oh, why did I ever agreed to such a crazy thing? I don’t need a job this bad. Maybe I should call Doctor Wadsworth and have him cut this thing off my leg and just call it a bad idea,” she asked herself before exhaustion and anger at herself took over and she fell asleep.

Lindie was awakened a couple of hours later when Jackie, her roommate came home. As soon as she entered the room, Jackie saw Lindie lying on the bed with her leg in the cast. “Oh my god Lindie, what happened to you?” she asked in a high pitched, near panic voice.
Lindie rolled over and sat up, leaning on her elbows. “You aren’t going to believe this, but I got a job today.”

“A job hell, looks like you got more than a job. What happened to your leg?”
“Like I said, I got a job today. I am going to be an Orthotech for an Orthopedic Surgeon.”

Jackie walked over, bent down and placed her hand on the ankle of Lindie’s cast. “So…what does that have to do with you having this big cast on your leg?”

“Well, that is one of the things that Doctor Wadsworth insists upon. All of his office personnel must wear a cast for six weeks so they will be sympathetic to the patients who are in casts.”

“Oh, so the cast is so you will feel for the patients?” Jackie reacted with skepticism in her voice. “Have you ever worn a cast before?”

“No, and about now, I am beginning to wonder if I really want to.”

Jackie sat down beside Lindie. “I have, and let me tell you it isn’t any fun. How long did you say you have to wear the cast so you can feel for the patients?”
“Six weeks, why?”

“Well, if you think you are already fed up with that cast, just wait until your hands and shoulders start hurting from using the crutches."

Lindie held out her hands to show Jackie. “They already are.”

“How about itching? Is it itching yet? And, just wait until you take your first shower, and don’t even think about taking a bath in a tub. Then there is the clothes issue. Nothing will fit over the cast, and nylons, well, the cast will snag them before you even get them on. Have I said enough yet?” Jackie asked.

Lindie reached out and wrapped her arms around Jackie. “Oh, you have said a plenty. So, are you going to help me through this, because I think sure could use the help.”

Jackie giggled, “We are in this together, but I’m not going to volunteer to wear another cast just so you will have my sympathy.

CHAPTER 3 - Sexy Cast

Lindie slept soundly through the night. The next morning she was still groggy when she rolled over and attempted to jump out of bed to make her way to the bathroom. Due to her grogginess, she had temporarily forgotten that her right leg was a prisoner of the fiberglass cast. She stood on he left leg and took one step forward on her casted foot. Since her right leg was shorter in her cast, she stepped down hard causing her to fall forward. She landed on her hands and left knee before falling flatly on her belly.
Jackie was present to observe her gymnastic event. She jumped up and ran over to Lindie while asking in a raised voice, “Are you alright? Did you hurt yourself?”

Lindie rolled over onto her back and began go giggle. “No, I’m alright, but I don’t remember you telling me yesterday about this being one of the hazards of wearing a cast on my leg.”

“Well, actually, I guess I didn’t know about that one. I have to admit that I never pulled that stunt myself.”

With help from Jackie, Lindie managed to get her cast tightly wrapped in a big plastic bag so she could take a shower. After dressing in a black sleeveless top and short jean skirt she and Jackie shared some cereal and toast. While eating, Jackie asked, “Well, what do you have planned for your first full day of being a prisoner to your new job?”

Lindie looked at her with a puzzled expression for a few seconds while she processed the question. “Prisoner of my new job? What do you mean?”

Jackie reached down and placed her hand on the knee of Lindie’s cast. “This. Your cast! You became a prisoner to your new job when you agreed to this.”

“Oh,” Lindie responded. “I guess I will have a better idea of what you mean at the end of the day, but for now, I am going to meet Officer Tidwell for lunch in the Student Union Building.”

“Officer Tidwell? Have you been holding out on me?”

“No Jackie, I met him yesterday. He was insisting on making me get a handicapped parking permit for my car, uh, that is, uh, until I asked him to help me out of my car.”
“Oh, I see,” Jackie giggled. “So you have already found one of the advantages of wearing a cast.”

“Advantages? What advantages?” Lindie asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Oh, I think you know what I am talking about,” Jackie smiled with a wink.

“Well,” Lindie returned her smile, “I have to admit that asking Officer Tidwell to put his hands around my cast and help me lift my leg was interesting. And…”

“And what?” Jackie giggled.

“And, he invited me to lunch after that.”

“And he invited me to lunch! You are catching on fast!” Jackie winked again. “You know, you are almost making me want to get a cast on my leg again.”

A couple of hours later Lindie was entering the Student Union building on her crutches while wondering if Jason Tidwell would be waiting for her. She felt her heart beginning to pound wildly in her chest as she rounded the corner of the hallway and stepped into the dinning room where she saw Jason stand and wave at her while his face carried a smile from ear to ear.

She immediately paused on her crutches while asking herself if she really did want to do what she was about ready to do. She slowly walked to his table while returning a wide smile of her own.

“Hi Lindie, I was afraid that you wouldn’t come,” Jason said while stepping around to pull out a chair for her to sit on.

“I had to,” she remarked without thinking. “I needed the parking per…” She stopped in mid sentence while she could feel the blood rushing to her face. Her cheeks were becoming as hot as fire. She looked down before looking back into Jason’s face. “Oh, god am I sorry that I said that. Please forgive me Jason. I didn’t mean it like it sounded. I, uh…”
Jason stepped back and reached into his pocket. He withdrew a slip of paper and extended his hand toward her while saying, “Here Lindie, I am sorry that I made you meet me like this. I thought you wanted to have lunch with me.” Then, he turned and began to walk away.

“Jason, please,” Lindie called while taking a couple of quick steps on her crutches. He stopped and turned toward her while she reached out and placed her hand on his shoulder. “Please Jason, I am truly sorry. I don’t know why I said that. Please come back. I want to have lunch with you. Please?” she asked again as a question while her eyes began to fill with tears. “Please Jason, come back and have lunch with me.”
“Are you sure that you want to have lunch with me?” Jason asked with doubt in his voice while looking directly into Lindie’s eyes.

She broke the stair before saying, “Please Jason, I really want too.”

Jason stepped toward her while she turned and stepped back to the table. She stood by her chair until Jason pulled it away from the table. She moved around so she could sit on the edge of the chair with the heel of her cast resting on the floor. Then she gave her crutches to Jason who leaned them against the other side of the table.

Before he sat down Lindie looked up and said, “I would like to ask you a favor. Would you please lift my leg up and place a chair under it? The top of the cast is cutting into the back of my leg.”

Although she knew there was no way she could feel Jason’s warm hands around her casted ankle, she did have the feeling that his touch warmed her desires to have him touch her more. After he had taken care of her request and sat down she reached out and placed her hand on his arm. She said, “Thank you Jason for helping me with my leg. You know I just got this cast and I am having a little trouble adjusting to it.”

“Oh, uh, what happened? I mean, uh, how did you break your leg?”

Lindie hadn’t prepared herself for a question like that. “Uh,” said while reaching for a menu, “uh, I, uh, I stepped in a hole and, uh, I, uh, I…bbbro…” she swallowed the rest of her words while hoping it would be enough.

“You stepped in a hole and broke your leg? So, how long will you be in the cast?”
Lindie chose to only reply to the second part of his question. “Uh six weeks, I’ll be in the cast for six weeks.”

A wide smile landed on Jason’s face. “Good!” he responded with more enthusiasm than he had intended. “Uh, I mean, it is good that you will only have to wear the cast for six weeks.”

Lindie did not miss his enthusiastic response. “Good? Jason, it sounds like you are excited or happy that I will have to wear this cast for six weeks.”

Jason sat in silence for several seconds before responding. “Well, uh, Lindie, I didn’t mean it the way it sounded. I was just saying that, well, uh, I think you are very attractive in that cast and, well, uh, I would like to get to know you better… oh, my god, now it sounds like the only reason that I want to see you is because of the cast. Lindie, I assure you that it isn’t the cast. I would like to see you again even if you weren’t in a ca….” This time, Jason swallowed his words.

Lindie began to laugh. She had no idea that a cast on her leg would create such a response out of a guy. She didn’t know exactly what to say. After a few seconds she reached over and placed her hand on his arm again. “Jason, I appreciate the complement. Now, can we eat, and then I would enjoy it if you walked me back to my dorm.”

Their conversation for the remainder of their stay at the table centered on small talk about college life in general and how well the basketball team was performing.

When they were ready to leave, Jason helped her remove her cast from the chair before helping her stand on her crutches.

As they walked along the path toward Lindie’s dorm Jason got a little braver. “I have to tell you that I think you look very sexy in that cast.”

At first Lindie wasn’t sure what he had said. She stopped and turned toward him. “Jason, did you just tell me that you think my cast is sexy?”

“Uh, I hope that I didn’t offend you, but yes Lindie, that is what I said. I think your cast looks sexy.”

Lindie smiled. “Well, thank you Jason, but I have to admit that I am not wearing it just so I will look sexy.”

When they got to Lindie’s dorm, she stopped and turned facing Jason. “Jason, I am sorry about the remark I made over the handicapped permit. I really didn’t mean it.”

He reacted with a wide smile. “Yes, I know Lindie, and I am also sorry about my comment about your sexy cast.”

She reached out and placed her hand on his arm. “I know, but actually I never thought about a cast being sexy.”

“Uh, well,” Jason said while looking at the ground and shuffling his feet. “Lindie, may I see you again?”

She said, “Have you got a Pen?”

He reached into his pocket and got a pen. “Here,” he said.

Lindie took the pen from him and reached for his right hand. She wrote a number on his palm. She looked into his eyes and said, “Call me.” Then she turned and walked into her dorm building.

“Jackie, you aren’t going to believe what just happened.”
She smiled, “Uh, let me guess, uh, I bet your Officer just made a pass at you.”

“Yes, but how did you know?”

“I bet he made a comment about how sexy your cast is.”

“Well, yes but…”

“Oh Honey, just remember, I wore a cast before and I know how much they turn some guys on. Now sit down and tell me all about it.”

CHAPTER 4 - Jackie Wants a Cast Too

After listening to Lindie’s story about Jason’s attraction to her new cast Jackie said, “I’m feeling so hot I wish that I could get a cast again.”

“Oh really?” Lindie said with a puzzled expression on her pretty face. “Why would you want a cast again after telling me all about the horrors of wearing one?”

“Oh I don’t mean for weeks. Just maybe over a weekend, you know, so I can have some fun like you did with Jason.”

“Well, I don’t think I really had any fun with Jason. In fact, I thought he was a little forward with his comments.”

Lindie thought about it for a few minutes before coming back to Jackie. “You know, if you really want to have a cast I think I can make it happen.”

“How can you do that? You don’t know anyone and surely you aren’t going to ask your new boss to put a cast on my leg, are you?”

Lindie smiled, “No, but I think I can ask Miss Applegate, my instructor for the cast application part of my class to let me do it. I will simply tell her about my new job and ask her to let me practice on you. If we do it on Friday evening after class, then you can wear it all weekend if you want before I cut it off on Sunday evening.”

Jackie took only a few seconds of thought before she said, “Great, lets do it.”

Friday afternoon Jackie and Lindie met in the Casting lab. Jackie was wearing a green sleeveless top and black shorts. Her long black hair was flowing straight down past her shoulders to her large breasts. When Lindie asked her to climb up onto the casting table she asked, “Are you sure you know what you are doing.”

Lindie smiled before responding, “I think so, just watch and see.” Then she began to place the stockinet over her foot and bring it to the top of her leg. After rolling some padding over the bony parts of her foot and leg, Lindie began to roll the wet fiberglass around her leg. When she was finished Jackie lifted her leg imprisoned in white fiberglass from her toes to her hip. She said, “Wow, that is neat, but you sure did mold my foot strangely. Look, my ankle is rolled and my toes are pointed inward.”

Lindie stepped back on her crutches while looking at her near masterpiece holding Jackie’s right leg captive. “Well, now that you mention it, I guess I did have you hold your foot in a strange position. I guess it will give you something of a conversation piece if anyone asks.”

Jackie looked toward Lindie with a smile, “Thanks, maybe you are right.”

After Lindie had cleaned up the mess and Jackie was standing firmly on her crutches and left foot she asked, “OK Jackie, since you wanted the cast, what are we going to do this evening with it.”

Jackie allowed a wide smile to become painted on her pretty face. “How about touring the bars? Don’t you think that would be fun?”

“In a cast?” Lindie asked with a shocked sound to her voice. “You want to go bar hopping in a cast?”

Jackie continued her wide smile. “Yes, what did you think I had in mind when I allowed you to do this to me?” she remarked while lifting her leg and extending her casted foot out toward Lindie.

“Uh, I, uh, I guess I hadn’t really thought about that. I was just thinking that we would probably lay around the dorm room and watch TV.”

“Well, you may think that is an entertaining evening but I want to go out and meet some boys.” Jackie paused for a few seconds before continuing. “After the way Jason came onto you about your cast, well, uh, I just thought that you would like to go out and see how other guys will react to your cast.”

“Oh, well, I guess I never thought about that,” Lindie remarked. “I am up to it if you are.”

After refreshing their make-up Jackie said, “Why don’t we go have a pizza while waiting on time to go to Tommy’s Bar?”

When they had ridden the elevator in the dorm and stepped to the sidewalk Jackie said, “Let me drive. My car will be easier for the two of us to get our casts into and, besides, I have had more practice driving while in a cast.”

Lindie quickly agreed while recalling the problems she had with getting her casted leg in and out of her car, not counting how she almost had a wreck when she got her casted foot caught under the break peddle.

Jackie was met by a young man who would park her car for her when she pulled up in front of Rogers Bistro. As he stepped to the driver’s side of the car and opened Jackie’s door, his lower jaw dropped as his eyes focused upon two the two women with crutches and a huge cast on their legs.

Jackie turned toward Lindie and winked before turning back to the man. She said with her best Southern drawl, “Sir, would you mind helping a poor helpless lady from this big o’l car?”

“Uh, sure, uh ma’am, what can I do to help you?”

Jackie slipped herself around on the seat so her legs were pointing toward the door.

“Sir,” she said with a wide smile while reaching out and placing her hand on his. “If you would, please just reach into the car, place your hands around the ankle of my casted leg and help me guide it out of the car.”

Once the man had guided her casted leg from the car he placed the heel of the cast on the pavement and stepped back. It was obvious to Jackie that she had had a marked impact on the poor young man because his face was blushed and he appeared to be having a problem breathing. She smiled and said, “My crutches sir, would you please hand me my crutches?”
Jackie took her crutches from the man’s shaking hands and placed them under her arms before continuing, “Now sir, if you don’t mind, my partner is also in a cast and she could use your help too.”

The young man nearly tripped over his own feet as he raced around to the other side of the car to help Lindie out and onto her crutches.

Once the two of them were seated in the restaurant, Lindie leaned over to Jackie and asked, “Just what was that you did to that poor young man in the parking lot?”

“Oh, so you liked that?” Jackie responded with a giggle.

“Well, yeah, but how did you know he would react like that?”

“Honey, remember, this isn’t my first night on the town while in a cast. I have been teasing guys enough with my cast to know that most of them will react just like he did. And, you are going to find that out for yourself as soon as we get to Tommy’s Bar.”

CHAPTER 5 - Bob and Greg

As Jackie drove them to Tommy’s Bar Lindie began to think. “Uh, we are going to a bar where they serve drinks! Right?”

“Well, uh, yes, that’s what they usually serve in a bar, don’t they?” Jackie replied with an expression of, “Why do you ask?”

“Well,” Lindie began. “Uh, I was just thinking, since you are driving, should you be drinking?”

“Oh that! Don’t worry, I won’t have more than one beer.” Then she looked over toward Lindie. “You wouldn’t know about this since you have never used crutches before, but if you think it is difficult to use them while sober, just wait until you are drunk. The boys will enjoy it, but let me tell you, it ain’t easy and you probably would fall down and hurt yourself for real.”

“Oh, I guess I never thought about that,” Lindie said with a giggle.

Jackie parked the car in the lot about a hundred feet from the door to Tommy’s. While walking on their crutches to the Bar they noticed a couple of guys standing in front of the Bar watching them. As they got closer the two guys walked over to them, meeting about halfway between their car and the Bar.

One of the guys turned to the other and said loud enough that they were heard, “God Bob, look at these two beautiful gals.”

“Yeah Greg, aren’t they pretty!”

The two stopped in front of Jackie and Lindie. “Hello ladies I’m Bob and this is Greg. What’s your names?”

Lindie wasn’t sure what to do but Jackie responded with a polite but firm, “I’m Jackie and she is Lindie.”

“Going to the Bar?” Greg asked.

“Yep, doesn’t look like it?” Jackie responded with a flirting voice.
“Good, that’s where we were going also. Right Bob?”

Lindie was becoming uncomfortable with the conversation but she decided to remain silent since Jackie appeared to know what she was doing.

Bob and Greg followed them into the bar. Once inside the guys bought them a round of beer and invited them to sit with them at a table.

As soon as they were seated Bob, who had begun to pay attention to Lindie asked, “OK girls, the question is obvious, what happened to your legs?”

Lindie glanced toward Jackie with a “Now what should I do?” expression on her face. Jackie reached out and placed her hand on Bob’s arm. “Well, you see, it was like this, have you ever tried to ride a bull before?”

“No, I can’t say that I have, but what does that have to do with your legs?”

Jackie glanced toward Lindie before looking back to Bob. “Well, that’s what we do, we ride bulls, and some times, well, you can guess the rest. Right Lindie?”

Bob smiled. He leaned over close to Jackie. “I smell bull alright, but I don’t think it has anything to do with riding one, right Greg?”

Greg took a swallow of beer. “Right Bob, I think I smell the bull so why don’t you ladies just tell us what really happened to your legs.”

Lindie was beginning to feel like she could get into the act also. “Greg, what if I told you we were riding horses and fell off? Would that work?”

Greg turned to Bob. “What do you think? Are they telling us the truth now?”

“No, I don’t think so. Surely they can come up with a better story that that.”

Jackie leaned over close to Bob and said with a soft voice, “OK you win. No kiddin’, we were on a motorcycle together and a car came around a corner, and well, here we are broken legs and all.”

Bob looked toward Greg. “Think so?”

“Yep, I think maybe they are telling the truth this time.”

After another swallow of beer Bob reached for Lindie’s hand. “Dance with me!” he said.
Lindie hadn’t expected to be asked to dance so she wasn’t quite sure how to do it without compromising her cast. She looked toward Jackie who reached for Bob’s hand. “Here, I will dance you?”

Lindie watched as Jackie stood on her left foot while holding onto Bob’s shoulder. She hopped on one foot to the dance floor where she held onto his waist with her right arm while her left arm was over his shoulder.

Lindie smiled at Greg, “What do you say? Let’s dance.”

Two hours and two beers later the guys were beginning to want to do more than hold hands, dance and talk about casted legs, and the girls were feeling their beers rather than their judgement.

“What do you say Greg, shall we take the girls to our place for a nightcap?”

“Only if they want to. What do you say, would you girls like a nightcap with us?”

Lindie looked toward Jackie who looked back to her. “Shall we go have a nightcap? I think it would be fun!”

“Well, I think I have had a little too much to drive so if Bob drives my car we can follow Greg to their place.”

As the four of them walked toward the cars Lindie began to discover that alcohol and crutches were not the perfect combination. Twice she got the toe of her cast and one of her crutches tangled together. Greg saved her from falling on her face when he reached out and placed his arm around her waist.

Bob helped Jackie into the front seat while Greg helped Lindie get her cast into the back seat. Lindie was feeling her beers enough that she immediately laid back in the seat and closed her eyes.

After a couple of minutes with Bob driving, Jackie asked, “Where do you guys live?”

“About a couple of miles down the road. It won’t be long before we get there. Then we
can have a drink and talk about your casts some more. You would like that, wouldn’t you?”

“What, having another drink or talking about our casts?”

“Both. Don’t you want to talk more about your casts and how you broke your legs on the motorcycle?”

Jackie was becoming a little uncomfortable with the conversation. Sure she had set out to have some fun with their casts but it sounded like Bob was becoming too inquisitive.

“Bob, I think maybe we have made a mistake. Would you please just take us back to Tommy’s Bar? I don’t think we want to go with you for another drink.”

Bob began to laugh. “What do you mean, you made a mistake? I thought you said you wanted to have a nightcap at our place.”
Jackie raised her voice. “Please Bob, just take us back to Tommy’s.”
Jackie’s loud voice caused Lindie to sit up. “What’s wrong?” she asked with a voice controlled by a mind dazed with alcohol and sleep.

“Bob, I have asked you nicely, now, just take us back to Tommy’s and leave us alone.”

“Jackie, what’s wrong?” Lindie asked again while the fog of confusion was rapidly clearing from her dazed mind.

Jackie looked back. “Lindie, I have changed my mind. I am asking Bob to take us back to Tommy’s.”

“Why?” Lindie asked while still not getting a firm grasp on what was happening.

“Bob,” Jackie said in an even louder and demanding voice, “I am asking you to take us back. I don’t want to go with you to your place.”

“Oh honey, now don’t be that way,” Bob responded while reaching out and placing his hand on her upper left leg.

Jackie reached down and grabbed his hand. “Get you hand off of me!” she demanded while shoving his hand away.

Lindie’s mind had rapidly moved from fog to clear focus. She demanded, “What’s going on?”
Jackie looked back over her shoulder again. “I have asked Bob to take us back to the Bar but he won’t listen.”

“Where are we?” Lindie asked with a raised voice while the situation was beginning to become more clear to her. “Bob,” she demanded, “where are you taking us?”

Bob looked back over his shoulder and responded, “Now honey, if you hadn’t wanted some adventure why did you agree to come with us? After all, you should have known that girls don’t pick up boys in a bar unless they want to have a good time, now do they?”

Lindie felt tears welling up in her big eyes. She looked toward Jackie and said, “Do something!”

Jackie reached back over the seat and said while placing her hand on Lindie’s arm, “Just calm down. I’m sure that Bob didn’t mean it the way he sounded.”

“I’m scared,” Lindie said as she sniffed her tears away.

“It’ll be OK,” Jackie said. “Now just let me talk to Bob some more.”

“Bob, don’t you think that you have had enough fun with us? It is time for you to take us back to the bar.”

“No!” Bob responded with a raised voice. “You agreed that you wanted to have a nightcap with us and that is what we are going to have.”

“Bob,” Jackie began, “now just listen to me for a minute. You really don’t want to do something that we don’t want you to, do you? I mean, we have all had a very nice evening together but now it is time for you to take us back to Tommy’s.”

“But, you both said you wanted to come with us and have a night cap, so that is what I want to do. I want to entertain you like you said you wanted.”

Jackie began to plead, “Yes Bob, that is what we agreed to, but we have changed our minds now. We just want you to take us back to the bar.”

Jackie was looking through the windshield as she saw Greg turn off the main road onto a narrow lane leading into an area that was dark with trees lining both sides. As Bob followed, Jackie began to loose control of her voice as she yelled, “Bob, what are you doing? Where are you taking us?”

Lindie’s heart began to pound so hard that it nearly ripped itself from her chest. She began to yell with panic in her voice, “Jackie, what is going on? Where is Bob taking us?”

CHAPTER 6 - The Road To Hell

“I don’t know where Bob is taking us!” Jackie said while trying to maintain control of her emotions.

“Bob, please Bob, don’t do this. Just let us out of the car right now, please!” Jackie continued to plead with him as he drove further into the wooded area.

Lindie began to scream, “What are we going to do Jackie? What is Bob doing?”

Bob continued to follow Greg as he drove for another quarter of a mile before turning into a driveway to small building.

“Oh no,” Jackie thought. “We are going to be attacked or maybe murdered.”

Lindie was also beginning to have the same thought as her panic turned into a level of fear that caused her to become quiet. She began to realize that her panic ridden actions were only going to create more problems for them, and if they were in half as much trouble as it appeared that they were, she was going to have to think with a calm, cool mind.

“Jackie, she said with a controlled voice, “What are we going to do?”

Jackie looked at her and answered, “I think we will be alright. Bob isn’t going to hurt us, right Bob?”

“That’s right Jackie. Like I told you, we are going to have a nightcap together.”

“See Lindie, it will be OK,” she responded while actually not believing anything Bob had just said.

Lindie reached out and placed her hand on Jackie’s arm. She said while watching through the windshield as Greg parked the car at the edge of the small building, “Yes Jackie, we will be OK.”

Bob parked behind Greg. A few seconds later, Greg was standing next to the back door of the car where Lindie was seated. Her heart began to race faster than she had ever felt it before when he placed his hand on the door handle and opened the door.

“No, leave us alone,” Lindie yelled as her door opened and Greg reached into the car.

Greg bent down and grabbed Lindie’s right arm. He began to pull her out of the car while she continued to yell for him to leave her alone.

In the meantime Bob had gotten out of the car and was on the other side with his hand on Jackie’s door.

“Bob, please let us go,” Jackie pleaded as her door was opened and Bob reached in to take hold of her left arm.

Within a few seconds both girls had been pulled from the car and stood down on their good legs with the crutches under their arms.

Greg said, “Follow me,” while taking a few steps along a path leading to the door on the side of the building. Bob waited until both girls had begun to follow Greg before he stepped in line behind them.

Lindie and Jackie were so scared, they could hardly take a step on their crutches. Tears were streaming down their faces. “Bob, what are you going to do to us?” Jackie asked with a shaky voice while fearing the worst. They were certainly going to be hurt and maybe murdered if they didn’t think of a way out of their predicament. But, what could they do? Although they really didn’t need crutches for a broken leg, the casts on their legs was definitely a form of handicap which would make the act of running away very difficult. They had no weapons to defend themselves with other than the crutches and their brains. They were going to have to outsmart the two guys, but how?

While slowly walking behind Greg, Jackie was wishing that she could talk to Lindie in private because she had a plan she wanted to tell her about. It was very risky but she didn’t have anything better. Maybe, if they pretended to drink while encouraging the guys too, just maybe the guys would get so drunk that they would pass out long enough for them to escape.

When they got to the doorway Greg opened the door and stepped inside. He turned on the light before turning to Lindie. “OK girls, come in and we will have a party.”

Lindie entered the building, followed by Jackie. As they looked around they saw a table with four chairs.

Jackie’s heart began to sink as her eyes slowly passed to a corner of the room where they focused upon a big bed. Quickly she said, “Bob, you said that you had something for us to drink?”

“Yep, we have some good drinking whisky and some beer. We are going to have a party, but first, let me help you with a chair.”

“That’s OK,” Jackie said while puling a chair away from the table and backing up to it.

In the meantime, Lindie was watching her with puzzlement written on her pretty face. “Why was Jackie playing into the guys’ plan?” All she could think of was trying to get away, but Jackie was joining in, and that didn’t add up.

Jackie saw her facial expression. “Lindie,” she responded with a smile and a wink while putting her hand on the chair next to her, “please come over here and sit down beside me.”
While Lindie was walking over toward Jackie, Bob stepped in front of her. “Here, let me help you sit down over here by me.”

“No, that is OK, I want to sit by Jackie,” she said while trying to step around Bob.
Bob reached out and placed his hand around her arm. “No Lindie, I want you to sit down over here next to me.”

Lindie looked into his eyes while continuing to side step around him. “Please Bob, let go of my arm.”

Jackie spoke up. “Hey Bob, why don’t you let Lindie sit by me. You can still sit next to her while Greg sits on the other side of me.”

“Yeah Bob! Now let me go,” Lindie demanded as she continued to try to walk around Bob.

“Bob,” Greg said with a pointed voice. “Let her alone. You know all we want to do is have a nightcap with the girls, so let her sit where she wants to.”

Bob turned loose of Lindie’s arm. She stepped around him and walked over next to Jackie and sat down.

“Hey Bob, why don’t you go to the car with me and get all of us a beer, then we can sit here and talk to these two beautiful gals.”

While Bob and Greg were gone to get the beer Lindie turned to Jackie. In a soft voice she asked, “What are we going to do? We can’t run away like this, but I am afraid they are going to want to hurt us.”

“I know,” Jackie responded. “All that I can think of is trying to get them so drunk that they will pass out and we can make a run for it.”

After a couple of minutes the guys returned. Bob held up a can of beer in each hand. “Look what we got for you!” he said while gesturing toward the two women.

Jackie reached out to take the beers while saying with a smile, “I sure hope you boys aren’t planning to have us drink without you.”

Greg smiled while holding up another two cans of beer. “Nope, we are going to have a party.”

Bob pulled out the chair next to Lindie while Greg sat in the chair beside Jackie.
As the two guys opened their beers Jackie asked, “So Greg, is this your place?”

His answer sent chills through her body when he answered, “No, it belongs to my dad. We just come out her sometimes to drink beer and have a little fun, especially when we can get a couple of girls like you to come with us.”

Quickly trying to change the subject she continued, “So Bob, how long have you and Greg been friends?”

She liked the results of her question even less when Bob responded, “Oh, ever since we met in a bar and brought two girls out here to have drinks together.”

Jackie wanted to state the obvious question, “What you mean is so you can hurt them,” but she didn’t. She looked toward Lindie who had an obviously worried expression to her pretty face. She reached over and placed her hand on Lindie’s arm while saying in a soft voice, “Don’t worry, it will be OK.”

Greg turned to Jackie. “Drink up, you haven’t opened your beer yet.”

Jackie extended her hand with the beer and said, “Yes, will you please open it for me!”
Lindie followed her example by asking Bob to open her can. Then both girls took a sip before Lindie said mostly to no one, “Good beer.”

Greg emptied his can and said, Bob, go get us another one.” Then he turned to Jackie. He pushed his chair back and bent down. She felt shivers ripple up and down her spine like waves striking a rocky beach as he lifted her casted foot and placed it across his lap.
“Tell me again about your leg. How did you say you broke it?”

“Motorcycle! A big truck pulled in front of us and I had to lay the bike down.”

As his fingers began to massage her toes projecting from her cast she placed her hands under the back of her casted knee and tried to lift her casted leg from his lap.
Just as Bob stepped back into the room she said with a strong voice, “Please Greg, don’t do that!”

“Here is another beer,” Bob said without appearing to have noticed what was going on.
Jackie felt relieved because Greg put her leg back down and began to drink the beer. She looked toward Lindie who had a frightened look on her face. Then she turned back to Greg while trying to think of something to say that would divert his attention away from her, but she didn’t have to because he was starting to talk with Bob about their stash of beer.
For the next hour Greg and Bob were more focused upon the beer than the girls while Jackie was hoping they would become drunk enough that they would pass out. Just as her hopes were beginning to rise Greg reached down and lifted her casted leg into his lap again.
Shivers of fear raced up and down her spine as Jackie heard Greg say, “Bob, you know, these gals sure are sexy in their big casts.”

“Yep, I agree,” Bob said while bending down and lifting Lindie’s casted leg to his lap.
Before Jackie could react she felt Greg’s fingers trying to work their way down the top of her cast. “You dirty bastard,” she yelled out while reaching for her crutches while raising her left foot to kick him.

CHAPTER 7 - The Escape

At the same time that Jackie was reacting to Greg’s hand down the top of her cast, Lindie was also beginning to feel a hand on her leg above the top of her cast.

Jackie directed the heel of her left foot between Greg’s legs while grabbing one of her crutches that had been leaning against the edge of the table between her and Lindie.

She lifted the crutch and placed her left hand around the lower end of the crutch. As her foot was reaching her target between Greg’s legs, she swung the top end of her crutch in a wide arc. Greg started to yell, while grabbing for the crutch but his reaction, slowed by the beer, was a wasted effort. The side of the crutch slammed into the right side of his face at nearly the same instant that her foot made a home run.

Greg tumbled from the chair onto the floor while grabbing for his most precious commodity which had been dealt a severe blow, rendering him nearly unable to move.

In the meantime, Bob was also reaping the reactions of a female who was unwilling to have him fondle her. She had also used her left foot very effectively to kick Bob squarely in his chest, causing him to tip backward in his chair. His head slammed hard against the floor rendering him momentarily unable to react.

Lindie looked toward Jackie for a split second before jumping to her feet and grabbing the back of her chair in both hands. She raised it above her head and slammed it down on Bob’s chest, knocking the air from his lungs. As the nearly unconscious man laid on the floor Lindie turned toward Jackie who was standing over Greg. “Let’s get out of here,” Lindie said with a voice nearly uncontrolled by panic.

Without thinking, both girls grabbed their crutches and placed them under their arms. They took a couple of steps before Jackie removed her crutches. While holding them in her hands she yelled over her shoulder, “Why are we using these damn sticks when we don’t have to. Just throw them down and run. We have to get to the car as fast as we can.”

“Yeah, you are right,” Lindie responded while removing her crutches. Then she turned while grabbing the bottom end of one crutch while dropping the other crutch to the floor. With one quick, but accurately guided swing, she drew the side of her crutch down against the side of Bob’s head.

The first false light of a newly born day was just appearing as they ran from the building with a stride that they would later ask each other how they had managed to do with a leg stiffly imprisoned in a rock of fiberglass that not only prevented them from bending their knees, but added several pounds of weight to their legs.

In a running hopping gait they headed toward the car while Lindie yelled, “Jackie, did Greg leave the key in the ignition?”

“I hope so,” Jackie responded as she got to the driver’s side of the car.

Lindie opened the back door on the passenger side and dove in headfirst, while Jackie was attempting to sit on the edge of the seat and scoot herself into the car so she could turn her casted right leg around so she could shut the door.

Just as Lindie rolled over and sat up so she could close her door, she say Greg stumble out the door of the building. He was staggering toward her side of the car. “Jackie, hurry, Greg is coming,” she yelled while fumbling to lock the door.

In the meantime, Jackie had closed her door, and reached for the key. It was missing from the ignition switch. “Oh god, she yelled out, the key is gone, Greg took it.”

“No, it can’t be,” Lindie screamed before focusing upon Greg again. “Look again, it has to be there.”

Lindie had managed to reach over the front seat and lock the front door on her side of the car before Greg got to it, but she hadn’t gotten the back door locked before he had his hand on the door handle. Lindie watched in horror as he began to open the door while he let out a string of curse words followed by, “ I’ll kill you, you little bitch.”

Lindie laid on her back while drawing back with her left foot. As Greg’s face was next to the corner of the partly opened door she kicked the door with all her force, causing it to fly open, striking him in the face. He fell back on the ground, dazed and unable to focus.

Lindie quickly sat up and reached for the door. She pulled it shut and locked it.

In the meantime Bob had staggered from the building and got to the front of the car while Jackie had been searching the floor of the car for the key.

“The key,” Lindie yelled. “Have you found the damn key?”

Without answering her, Jackie retrieved the key from where Greg had dropped it on the floor and tried to insert it in the ignition.

“You dirty little bitch,” Bob yelled through his bleeding and swollen lips as he grabbed the handle of the door on Jackie’s side of the car. He opened the door and reached inside at the same time she inserted the key in the switch and started the engine.
Bob’s hand was grabbing onto her left shoulder as she put the car in gear and tromped on the accelerator pedal. The car lunged forward dragging Bob several feet before he turned loose of her shoulder. She continued to drag his bleeding body for several more feet before he finally fell away from the car.

The car was pointed in a direction that led to nowhere. Jackie had to stop the car, place it in reverse and back up enough that she could turn around, before heading out of the area and back to the highway. As she backed up she saw Greg standing in the way while holding what looked like a ball bat. She stopped momentarily while trying to determine what to do. Lindie looked through the back window and saw Greg running toward the car while swinging the bat. “Hurry Jackie,” she screamed, “he has a big stick and he is coming after us.”

With that, Jackie’s decision was quickly implemented. She gunned the engine, causing the car’s wheels to spin kicking up a cloud of dust while directing the car toward where Greg had been standing. Lindie saw through the side window as Greg was struck by the side of the car. He fell back to his butt while continuing to hold the bat.

Quickly Jackie changed gears and stomped on the accelerator pedal. Lindie watched out the back window at Greg standing and waving the bat while being consumed in a cloud of dust. She could also see Bob in a limping run to join Greg. She was sure that, if she could have heard them, she would have been exposed to a dose of words no one should hear.

As Jackie was racing the car down the road to the highway, Lindie was continuing to watch out the back window with a panic ridden thought. “Jackie, what will we do if they follow us?”

Before Jackie could answer, Lindie yelled out, “Oh god Jackie, they are coming after us.”
Jackie accelerated, hoping that she would be able to slow down enough to turn from the driveway to the highway without wrecking. After safely making the corner, Lindie continued to look behind them in hopes that she would loose sight of the guys’ car.
Jackie saw an opportunity to turn off the highway onto a narrow road leading into an area heavily covered in trees and underbrush. As she entered the road she turned off her headlights and parked behind some trees. Both girls sat quietly while holding their breath, hoping to see the guys’ car pass by on the highway. After waiting ten minutes, which seemed like hours, Jackie started the car and turned it around. She cautiously entered the highway again while expecting to see the guys’ car waiting on them.
Tears of joy streamed down Lindie’s cheeks when she could no longer see their attackers. “God Jackie, I think we got away from them.”

While driving back to their dorm room Lindie said, “You know, when you told me we would have an adventure going to bars while casted, I had no idea that you meant this.”

“Believe me honey,” Jackie said with a slightly shaky voice, “if I had known this would happen, there is no way we would have…”

Lindie interrupted, “Do you think it happened because of our casts?”

“We will never know but I suspect that it didn’t have anything to do with us wearing casts. I think they just saw a couple of girls and became curious about the casts. They obviously were interested in asking about them, but I think they would have tried to pick us up even without casts. Remember, I wore a cast for several weeks and I did have a lot of boys hit on me and want to ask about my cast, but I think it was just because they were inquisitive.”

Lindie continued, “Do you think they would have tried to attack us if we weren’t in casts?”

“Yes, Jackie responded. “After several beers, it was their harmonies and not their brains that were controlling their actions.”

It was seven o’clock in the morning when Jackie finally parked her car in front of their dorm. The girls got out of the car and walked on their casts to their room.

Lindie looked at Jackie and said, “I am so tired I think I could fall asleep standing up.”
“Yeah, me too,” Jackie said while starting to undress. “But, I am also, so nervous, I don’t know if I can,” Lindie continued.

“Probably the best thing we can do for now is get some sleep and figure out what to do later,” Jackie said while removing the last of her cloths. “But, I think I will take a shower first because I feel very dirty after having Greg touching me.”

“Yeah, me too,” Lindie answered while removing her cloths.

They both quickly bagged their casts and took a shower before crashing on their beds.

CHAPTER 8 - Playing Dress-Up

It was nearly two o’clock Saturday afternoon when Lindie awoke with a headache and a horrible taste in her mouth. While her mind slowly cleared from sleep she began to shake all over from the memories of the night before as they started to flood her conscious mind. “Jackie,” she yelled, “wake up.”

“Huh,” Jackie replied while her mind was still more asleep than awake. “What is it?” she managed to coach from her foggy voice.

“God Jackie,” Lindie began to say with a voice colored by fear form the night before.
“I’m scared, what if they followed us here? What can we do?”

Jackie sat up in bed and turned toward her. “Ah honey, don’t worry. Last night, as frightening as it was, was nothing more that two guys who got drunk and let their harmonies get the best of them.”

“Yeah, but we were nearly attacked,” Lindie countered with her voice close to breaking from the stress of the night before.

“Well, I don’t think so, but there is a lesson for us in what happened. We should have known better than to have gotten in the car with them.”

Tears were streaming down Lindie’s cheeks. “Yes, how could we have been so stupid?” she choked out.

After a couple more minutes of comforting by Jackie, Lindie gained control of her emotions. “What are we going to do about our crutches? We lost them back there. We, or at least I, can’t be walking around on my cast like this,” Lindie said after rolling her casted leg back and forth to look at it. “I guess I didn’t damage it very much but what can I do?”

“I have a couple of old cast shoes left over from when I was in my cast. What if we get dressed and put them on, then we can walk over to the cast room and get some more crutches.”

After getting dressed the two girls hobbled in their casts to the cast room for crutches. While there Lindie asked, “Would you like for me to remove your cast now? I mean, after last night, do you still want to wear it when you don’t have too?”

Jackie smiled. “Lindie, just because we had a problem last night doesn’t mean that I haven’t been enjoying the cast. I want to keep it until tomorrow evening. And, in the meantime, I am hungry. I want to go eat.”

The girls used their crutches to walk back to their dorm room. “What do you think happened to Greg and Bob that caused then to loose us?” Lindie asked.
“I don’t know. Are you sure they were following us?” Jackie asked.
“Yes, believe me, they were following us, but I didn’t see them after you turned onto the highway.”
Jackie giggled. “I guess that will just be one of the mysteries of life.” Then she said again just before they got back to the dorm, “I’m hungry. Do you have any suggestions?”
Lindie suggested, “What do you say, we dress up and go to a fancy restaurant for a nice dinner?”

That gave Jackie an idea, “OK, I think that might be fun. One of the most enjoyable evenings I spent while in my cast was when I and another girl dressed up in suites and pretended like we were important executives from a big firm.”

“I like that idea, but how dressed up were you thinking?” Lindie questioned. “You mean like blouses and skirts with matching jackets?”

“Yes,” Jackie took up where Lindie left off. “And, even a nylon and heel to go along with it. I mean, really dressed up.”

“Well, OK, but where would we go to eat while dressed like that?” Lindie continued.
Jackie giggled, “How about The Carriage House? It is a very nice restaurant.”
Lindie whistled, “Gosh, won’t that be expensive?”

“No big deal,” Jackie said. “I have a credit card, so we can do it if you wish. Besides, I know someone there.”

“Anyone I should know?”

“No Lindie, probably not but I think you will like him.”

While getting ready Lindie turned on the television. A few minutes later the local news aired a story. “Jackie, come here and listen to this,” Lindie hollered. “Look, they are talking about Bob and Greg.”

“Oh yeah, what are they saying?”

“Looks like the reason we lost them last night was, they rolled their car coming out of the driveway to the highway. They were both arrested for being drunk.”

“Imagine that,” Jackie giggled.

“Yeah, and Greg broke his leg,” Lindie continued. “Apparently they let the police believe that all of their bloody faces was because of the wreck.”

Jackie continued to giggle, “So the boys didn’t want to admit that two women with casts on their legs nearly beat the hell out of them!”

Before long Lindie was wearing a light blue slim line, knee length skirt with a matching jacket over a white blouse and a beige nylon stocking on her left leg. Jackie was similarly dressed except the color of her skirt and jacket was dark blue. Both were wearing a two inch heeled black pump over her stocking covered left feet.

They stood on their crutches in front of each other. “How do we look?” Lindie asked.
“I think we are two of the sexiest women in town, don’t you?”

“Uh, yeah,” Lindie said while silently wondering if they were setting themselves up for another problem like they had with Greg and Bob. “Now that we have gotten all dressed up, do you think they will let us into The Carriage House with our casts and crutches?”
Jackie smiled, “Believe me, they will. The head waiter is very fond of girls in our condition.”

“Our condition?” Lindie repeated with a cute expression of innocence. “Are you pregnant? I’m not!” she asked while knowing the answer.

“Well, no, but why are you asking,” Jackie returned her question with a comment of her own. “I just meant that we were special with the casts and crutches.”

Lindie took a couple of steps over to Jackie. She put her hand on her shoulder and smiled. “Oh, I knew what you meant, I just wanted to tease you a little since you are obviously enjoying your cast very much.”

“Yeah, you are right, I am having a lot of fun in it, now shall we get out of here, I’m starved.”

While driving to The Carriage House Lindie asked, “Obviously you have been here before and you know someone, so what is going on? You have done this dress up thing before haven’t you?”

Jackie looked toward Lindie. She winked and said, “Just watch when Jerald rushes over to wait on us.”

“Jerald? Don’t you mean Jerry?”

“Oh no!” Jackie answered. With another wink she said, "Jerry is much too common for him. He needs to be called Jerald.”

Jackie led as the two girls stepped through the door of the restaurant on their crutches. While they were waiting for a table Jackie saw Jerald look in her direction. She stood up straight, holding the tops of her crutches under her arms while waiving to him.

Jerald immediately turned and took several brisk steps toward them. Lindie saw a wide smile light up his face while his eyes were rapidly scanning both of them from their heads to their toes and back before focusing upon their casted legs. “Oh my god Jackie, you are still wearing that hot and sexy cast. And, oh god,” he said while placing his hand over his mouth. “You have brought another casted angle with you.”

Jackie glanced to Lindie with a wink. “Yes Jerald, this is my roommate Lindie. Isn’t she just wonderful in her cast?”

Jerald stepped to Lindie. He extended his hand to lift her right hand. He bent down and placed a kiss to the back of her hand. “Miss Lindie, oh,” he said while shuddering his shoulders, “a real goddess. You must tell me what happened that put you in that sexy cast.”

“Yeah Jerald, she will, but first, don’t you think you should help us to a table!”

Jerald led the girls to a secluded table that had a reservation sign on it. Jackie stood by while he pulled out a chair for Lindie to sit on. After he took her crutches and leaned them in the corner, he pulled out a chair for Jackie. “Please,” he said. “I will be right back with a menu for each of you lovely casted ladies.”

As soon as Jerald was out of sight Lindie leaned over and whispered, “This is a reserved table! We shouldn’t be sitting here.”

“Sure we should. Who do you think it is reserved for?”

“Us? When did you have time to do that?” Lindie asked.

“Oh, while you were in the bathroom. I called Jerald and told him I was bringing a friend and he would be very excited when he saw us.”

“Excited I guess!” Lindie answered. “The poor guy is nearly having a heart attack over our casts.”

“Yeah, isn’t it great?” Jackie responded with a twinkle in her eye.

A couple of minutes passed before Jerald returned with a wide smile and the menus. “I will give you a few minutes to decide what you would like to order, and when I return, I will tell you what I would like to order.”

After Jerald left Lindie leaned forward and whispered, “What did he mean by saying he would tell us what he would like to order?”

“Oh, you’ll see,” Jackie winked.

When Jerald returned he took their orders before saying with a flirty smile, “Girls, I will be back soon for my order.”

“Jackie, please tell me, what is he talking about?”

“Well, you have been watching his ogling over us so just what do you think has turned him on?”

“Oh no, not our casts again!” Lindie said with a less than excited voice. “I still think the casts are what got us into trouble with Greg and Bob.”

Jackie leaned forward while looking into Lindie’s eyes. “Believe me, Jerald is a talker and a looker, not a doer. Now, don’t be surprised is he asks to sign the casts, but he is safe. Remember, I have been here before.”

- To Be Continued -

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